Monday, November 15, 2010

Remembering My Mom

Today marks the seventh anniversary of her death. It has been a long seven years I have missed her so much. And now as the day is winding down I am thinking of life and thoughts of her and the last seven years I have had to spend without her by my side. I ran across this beautiful poem and wanted it share it with all of us who have a mom in heaven today.

My Mother is Always With Me

My mother is always with me.
She's the whisper of the leaves
as I walk down the street.
She's the smell of bleach
in my freshly laundered socks.
She's the cool hand on my brow
when I'm not feeling well.

My mother lives inside my laughter.
She's crystallized in every tear drop.
She's the place I came from
She's my first home.
She's the map that I follow
with every step that I take.
She's my first l♥ve
and my first heart♥break.
Nothing on earth can separate us.
Not time, not space,
Not even death
will ever separate me
from my mother.
I carry her inside of me.
~Author Unknown
Oh death,where is thy sting? It is only in the missing. The joy comes in the knowing we will be together again, always to be devoted mother and loving daughter. This is the peace I find in my heart this day. You are never forgotten, Mom! Not a day goes by without you in my heart. Today I celebrate you, the life you lead, the life you gave me, and the eternity we have to remember it together.


BECKY said...

Oh Bon, It has been six years for me...I am right there with you my friend. Love the poem...just how I feel when I think of my wonderful Mom. I hope they have met! How fun to even think about that!! You know, it's God's design that we have met!! So I bet they have! {smile} and a few tears.

Love, love , love your Vermont photos! I, take tons of photos of trees, too! We are a pair, indeed!! Those leaves are magnificent! Love your pretty face peeking out from behind one!

Thanks for this blessing today!
Love you lots!
Big HUGS from across the miles!

Julie Harward said...

Hi Bonnie, I don't know how it is that I miss your posts! You need a followers thing on your side bar so I can click on as a follower..then I would see your posts easier.
I have been reading up on the last 3..loved the tree-aholic too! And love these trips you are taking in Vermont, how fun that is! And this one about your mom...loved the poem. My mom passed in 2000 and I miss her all the time too. Take care :D

Deanna said...

How very special the moment will be when we are greeted at the Gates of Heaven by our departed loved ones.

Thinking of you,

crgrover said...

HI Bonnie,

I love reading your blog, and Mike told me I better make some comments, or you would never know I read it. I especially loved your poem today, as it reminded me of my mother who has been gone almost 12 years now.

This is really random, but after reading that, I looked at "other posts you might like," and I clicked on your post about your home being 90 years old. I saw on that post that you had painted your dining area 3 shades of green. I really liked the color I could see on your post by the oak table from Barbara (Leal?). Anyway, I have literally 10 different color spots on my bedroom wall in varying shades of green. I have almost for sure decided on the Restoration Hardware color "Silver Sage." I want something very subtle, but I was wondering what color you have in the dining room, and who makes it? Could you let me know?

I'll probably see you tomorrow night at your RS gratitude dinner.


MCGROVER said...

Hi Bonnie,

Mike is always telling me to comment on your blog so that you know how much I enjoy reading it. The poem about your mother was so beautiful, and really reminded me of my mother who passed away suddenly about 12 years ago. I also enjoy all of the creativity you show in all of your posts.

This is really random, but after reading about your mother, I went to "other posts you might enjoy," and looked at the one about your home being 90 years old. I really liked the green color that was in the diningroom by the table from Barbara (Leal)?. I have been looking for the right green for our bedroom for about a year. We have about 10 different green colors painted in little patches all over our bedroom walls. Mike said I have to make a decision so he can paint.

I think I like Restoration Hardward, Silver Sage the best, but could you tell me what color and brand of paint your green is?

This comment will probably show Mike's email address, but mine is

I'll probably see you at your RS dinner on Wednesday!