Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~November 3, 2010

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So, For Today...Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Outside my window...It is a beautiful November morning. Sunny bright and actually warm. We are having a little Indian summer right now, it was over 80 degrees yesterday. I went to Orchard Nursery to look at their Christmas displays but it just wasn't quite the same with the extra warm weather! It is quite a pleasant surprise though, not complaining at all.

I am thinking...I am sad that our friend, Jeff Adams, did not get elected to the school board in spite of a brilliantly run campaign and lots of hard work. All we can think is that the Lord has another plan for him right now. Lots of good changes though with the election along with some seriously scary disappointments. But the people have spoken so we carry on. God help us all in some of the arenas.

I am thankful for...just every single thing, big and small that the Lord continually blesses us with. It is overwhelming really.

From the learning room..learning a lot about the iPhone and all it can do. Very amazing really. It's my tiny computer on the go...not sure if that will make things better or worse but I think in some ways better. I jump on for a minute to check something but I am not as tempted to surf around like I am on the computer. Time will tell. Thoughtful discipline will help.

I am reading...Still The Help, and a few other books peppered in. I keep them by my chair and decide what mood I am in for the few minutes I have to read before falling asleep!

I am wondering...if the Christmas music I am listening to will get me in the mood faster to get going on it all. It does seem very festive!

I am hearing...Barbra Streisand singing Ava Maria! Beautiful! And my washer, not quite as beautiful!

Today if I could change one thing...how much spiders apparently like our house. Honestly I can sweep the ceiling as often as the floor out here among the trees. No fake spiderwebs needed here!

I am quoting..."Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." ~ Kahlil Gibran

I am going... to try not to be too upset that a little while ago Jim discovered that someone got into our car last night or early this morning looking for something of value. I am sure they were quite disappointed with the miscellaneous wrappers, some empty water bottles, a few pieces of junk mail and an umbrella.

The really disturbing thing is that we lock our car 99.9% of the time
but last night we got home very late after watching election returns and it got overlooked. So my thought is, how many other nights have they been here waiting for this golden opportunity? What is the likelihood that this was a rare coincidence? This kind of stuff really bothers Jim so much and then it scares me! Having worked with criminals for many years he has the inside track on some things I never even notice. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

I am missing...the good old days when life felt safe and simple. When people shared a good value system and worked together for the good of all.

One of my guilty pleasures....chips & salsa.

Pet Peeves...that I forget to listen to our answering machine. Not sure why we still keep the land line. It is irresponsible of us. Sorry if you are the ones leaving messages that don't get returned on time. Cell phones are a better option for us.

One of my favorite things...Hazie's sense of humor.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Secretariat...all you animal lovers...go see it! Nicely done and a wonderful uplifting story.

I am curious about...
where the state of California is headed but I don't think I really want to know.

A few plans for the rest of the week...getting a flu shot, maybe...what do you think? Jim wants to go today but I am just not sure yet. Last year my arm hurt for 3 weeks but I did not get the flu. I just don't know...I have this dilemma and inner turmoil every single year. I am not a needle phobic or anything, in fact shots don't bother m at all. The dilemma is what they are shooting into my body. I am also going to get a serious start on Christmas this week and still trying to decide what to do on Thanksgiving. Since it is Wednesday the week is already half gone. I guess I will also keep blogging to get the New England vacation wrapped up soon.

Here is a photo and thought I am sharing with you....

Giants take it!

For all you baseball fans out there...I saw this at Orchard Nursery yesterday! Too funny! Perfect timing with their colors being orange and black! This was a nice thing for the bay area. It made both Jim and I think of our Dads who use to be avid baseball fans. Us, not so much but we got on the bandwagon a little in their honor. We listened to a few of the games on the radio and it really sounded exactly the same as it did when we were kids. Very nostalgic.


Caroline Craven said...

My thoughts - when I first saw the election results I thought, "Californian's get what they deserve when they continue to elect people who continue to dig the state deeper into debt". Then I thought of all my friends and family there and I had to scold myself for thinking that. I wish you and the rest of us good luck for what may be coming. And, God help us all indeed.

About that vaccine - I would really think about that. This year the vaccine is a trivalent (3-in-one type of vaccine), which is much worse than last year's monovalent (just one vaccine). I think the pushers are using scare tactics to push their agenda, without really considering the outcome. I sent you an email with an article I got from Dr. Mercola. He is a bonafide dr who has gone to the dark side (holistic). He has good information and does good research. Maybe that will help. If you are interested, he sends out a free newsletter. I get it in my email a couple of times a week. I love his stuff.