Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hazie's Sunday Update

This is Jen and Hazie when she was younger.
Hazie is no stranger to medical problems
but she has a lot of love to keep her going.

I spoke with Jen this morning and here is the best interpretation of what I learned. It is a little detailed but I am giving it to you so you can know better what is going on and what to pray for specifically.

The diagnosis with Hazie is always changing it seems, but this is what it is right now. She has a severe and very serious infection that originated with a nasty ear infection. When kids normally get something like this a large cyst will form and a pocket of fluid will develop at the mastoid bone behind the ear. This bone is porous and looks like a honeycomb on an x-ray so the infection takes the path of least resistance and goes there. Normally they can just drain the cyst and treat with antibiotics.

Yesterday they did some inflammation tests and her number was 26. Normal is 0 and they told Jen that pneumonia was a 10. This is where we got confused and thought she had pneumonia but thank heavens she does not have pneumonia. They just used pneumonia to show how elevated her inflammation was by comparison. So the good news is it is going down so the antibiotics are working, 17 today.

Now the reason they cannot extract the infection is that Hazie has a shunt in her head that drains her excess cranial fluid on an on-going basis. The shunt is encased in plastic tubing that runs from her brain to her stomach. So instead of the fluid going into a cyst it has taken the path of even less resistance and the bacteria has attached itself to the plastic tubing so now it can run freely up and down that tube from her brain to her stomach causing a much bigger problem. Of course the plastic doesn't respond to the antibiotics so it creates a safe harbor for the bacteria to grow. But it does treat the surrounding areas so that is a blessing. But it makes killing it much harder.

So tomorrow they are putting in a PIC line so they do not have to keep poking her with needles for fresh veins as the tiny veins in a child burn up pretty fast with heavy meds. She lost her vein last night so they had to redo the IV, not a pleasant thing on a little one. Placing the PIC line in a main vein is a surgical procedure they are planning to do tomorrow morning. When they get the PIC line in too, she would be able to go home for the AB treatments once they feel she is well enough for that.

Another good thing is that they are calling in another specialist today to check her out and so they can collaborate on the treatment.

So this is what I am praying for today. That her infection will continue to respond to the antibiotics. That the Pic line will go in with no problems with anesthesia or the procedure itself, that it will eventually result in her being able to go home and continue the meds there. I am also praying for the roads to be clear of snow and ice so Jen and Lowell can drive the hour between home and the hospital with no incidents. And also that the Lord will keep Hazie relaxed and comfortable and uplift everyone's spirits with a perfect brightness of hope! Thanks you for any prayers you can offer up! Jen, if I have left something out or messed up something, please clarify in a comment.



Shaun at Oak Den said...

My prayers are with you all. xo Shauna

Sally said...

Thanks for the update! Will definitely keep Hazel and family in our prayers!!

Marie said...

Bonnie, I don't know how I missed this, but somehow I have missed all of your recent updates. I am putting little Hazel and the family at the top of my prayer list and also phoning it in to the Temple. ((((hugs))))

Bonnie said...

Janet Wadsworth wrote:

"It is a privilege to pray for Hazel and her family. Her name is now on the Mt. Timpanogos Temple prayer roll too. We were in Centerville last night for a family gathering, and the driving was no fun, but the roads look some better this morning. Thank you for sending the details. Never worry about too much explanation for me.


Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

Beth Collins wrote:

"Dear Bonnie and Jim,

I was so saddened to open your email and learn that Hazel was ill. We will keep her in our prayers, and your whole family, too, especially, Jennifer. The best Christmas gift of all would be Hazel's recovery.



Bonnie said...

Margaret Wrote:

"Dear Bonnie

I was so sad to read your comment about Hazie being in hospital. She has given me so much joy with her photographs - it's just awful to think of her being ill. How is she in herself, is she holding up?

Of course I will pray for her. I do anyway but I will make them prayers for getting better. Miss Tilney and Miss Darcy send hugs.

love, Margaret"

Bonnie said...

Paul wrote,

"Hello Bonnie-Jo

I just sent an email to Piper letting her know that I love her and telling her that it's OK for her to be worried but to remember that Hazel will be getting the best help available and that lots of people are sending their love to her.

Let me know if there is anything I can do...other than sending all of my love to the family."


girlsmama said...

Our prayers are being sent on Hazel's behalf. I'll email Jen and tell her we'd love to help out with Chloe. We miss that one!

Bonnie said...

Send By Donna on Facebook

"Hi Bonnie,
Donna Reynolds-Joldersma commented on your status.
Donna wrote: "Continued prayers Bonnie for Hazie, you and all of your family for healing!"

Bonnie said...

Melissa Michaels wrote:

"Praying for her right now, Bonnie.

Take care,

Bonnie said...

Traci Hartman wrote:

"So glad you update so we can get the full explanation, versus the text-size version. ; ) love to you all...xoxo"

Bonnie said...

Emily wrote,

"Dear Bonnie,

I am praying for all of you and especially little Hazel. Please let me know what Steve and I can do to help you.
I love you Bon."