Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off to New Hampshire~Seeking Foliage!

Spencer and the Big Indian in Freeport, ME

Our last morning was a fun one in Maine. We headed north up the coast towards Bath. Along the way we passed through Freeport. We did not take the time to stop in Freeport except for the photo above. Not sure how Rossie missed out on this one! Freeport is the town where the LL Bean Factory is located. We would have loved to see that but we had quite a bit of driving that day. Instead we went on to Bath so Laura and I could shop and the guys could pay a visit to the Bath Iron Works. This is a place where they build these tremendously large ships. The boys got to run around a lot and Jim loved the shipyard and the museum there.

And fun shops and cool restaurants
quaint houses and old buildings!

Main Street

This was a fun place to look around. I am pretty sure neither so us bought anything but then I am not positive on that one! :-) It was just very charming and great to be with Laura and do some girl talk and stuff. We enjoyed a lovely lunch in this little cafe recommended by one of the shoppe keepers.

At the shipyard this is a skeleton of the
largest sailing vessel ever built on the east coast.

The boy engaging in their favorite activity
rock throwing into the water.

The ships in the port here were big
and fun for all three of the boys.

They enjoyed playing on this schooner.

Laura had packed their lunches
and this is them bemoaning the fact
that they had to carry it on
backs to the picnic table.

Oh boys! And we thought
the girls were drama queens!

Flashback to Scotland and the
little blue hiney you see belongs to

our granddaughter, Julia.
With her head cast down,
reluctantly climbing another set of stairs!
What can I say, "It's familial!

Jim says our Christopher use to do
this but I seriously do not remember it!

Oh well, the torture is over...
I guess they didn't mind EATING the lunch!
These little rascals light up our lives.


Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, what a lovely holiday you had. How lucky are you to be able to spend time like this with your grandchildren! What a blessing! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
Thanks for coming by and your encouraging comments.
Loved the pic with the big Indian and your grandson, so cute!!
Bet they really loved the big ships!!
Looks like a neat area, and so nice you and Laura had some time together just the two of you!! Sometimes that is hard to get once the hubby, then children arrive.
Take care,
Love ya, Nellie

Julie Harward said...

You are all so blessed to be able to take a vacation like this fun! Your pictures are so vivid and colorful! ;D

LA Adams said...

Loved your pictues! The grandkids are adorable and funny.

Caroline Craven said...

Okay, the boys throwing the rocks into the water made me laugh because I KNOW I have seen that many times before - same boys, different rocks, different bodies of water. So funny.
Still loving those pictures - why does the east fascinate me so much?? Probably just because it is different than anything you would ever see in Utah or CA. I'm ready for new sights.

Thanks for the kind note you left on my "Missing Mom" blog. You're a dear and as soon as I'm done here, I'm looking up the suggested reading. Thanks!

laura.elizabeth said...

Great Post Mom. I hope someday I don't remember the boys shenanigans the way I do now. Mama Mia! The two of them are making me old before my time... and they haven't even hit puberty yet!