Monday, November 1, 2010

Scary Thoughts

Where I spend too many hours a day!

It was kind of a rainy day on Saturday. We were thinking of going to the movies but never quite made it out of the house due to computer problems...more specifically, connectivity problems. We have basically been very blessed to have never had to deal with that before but Saturday changed all that. Jim called AT&T and was on the phone for literally 5.5 hours trying to reconnect. It was a modem problem and a new router that caused all the brouhaha. It was a totally eye opening experience. I had plans of working on my blog and getting some posts done and of course, that was not possible.

I became acutely aware of just how dependent we are on the computer for just about everything we do. It was more than a little frightening to realize my hands were basically tied to it for just about everything I do. I couldn't work on the bills, I couldn't do so many things. Every time I would think, "OK while Jim is getting us back up I'll do...." Nope, it was computer related. I couldn't do church work, check on family and friends, etc.

We ended up trying to listen to the World Series game on the radio and I played a game of solitaire with real cards. Yikes, it was like going back 35 years. I did get some cleaning done and some reading so that was good. But I cannot tell you how many times I thought of something that I needed to do on that computer.

Jim and I often talk about what the world would be like if the Internet went down. It is a scary thought. In just a few years we have become so overly dependent. To turn a nation upside down, hand to hand combat is no longer necessary.

It was a huge wake up call for us to get a life! And get a hard copy of a lot of things. And to think I am even deeper in now with my new iPhone that we got Friday. Geesh! is pretty ridiculous for one couple to have 2 desktop computers, a laptop and two iPhones. We are overly connected.

The reality is that probably won't change...
it is hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

But I truly am going to think of ways to be less dependent and more well-rounded and balanced about it. I think of my dad who passed away 32 years ago. If he were to look down and see life as it is now he wouldn't believe it. Seriously. It has been such a slippery slope, albeit fast moving. Almost like a scary water slide of technology. We are zooming faster and faster into it and you almost hate to get off and be left behind, but when will enough be enough? Our experience left us both with a lot to ponder. And we know we are not alone.

So how do you balance it all? Do you worry about your own and the worldwide dependence on computers? Our dry cleaners cannot even find our clothes without entering our phone number into their computer. Has it gone too far? Would love some responses on this. Thanks, guys!

A beautiful photo just to make us feel better!*



Julie Harward said...

I has become really crazy! Sometimes I want it all to just go away and let life just be all peaceful and quiet again! ;D

Sister Susie said...

Thanks for coming by! I understand how busy you are! All is going as well as the LORD is assisting me!

I know what you mean about the technology! I hardly ever wrote letters, but now I can't stay off my e-mail and blogs, ha!

The tube of' not that hard to get it back in; the question is, do you want to use it once it is, lol!

What's exciting about this age of it's prophetic. The Bible talks about a future age when people will go to and fro about the earth and knowledge increasing to the point that within the few years this technologically explosion has taken place, man's knowledge from the beginning to this age can't compare to it!

I don't know what we would do without it! Just think about all of it disappearing and being back in the "stone age" as the saying goes!

But then, you think of the scripture that says, "Eye has not seen,nor ear heard, nor has it even entered the heart of man what GOD has planned for those who love HIS APPEARING!

Love and hugs,

Deanna said...

You are so is scary but we aren't able to really go about our day without being "connected." We do pay our bills, shop and keep in touch with family and friends online. I do have to say Bonnie, that if it wasn't for the internet, I wouldn't be in touch with half of my family that live out of state and out of the country. When do we have time to write letters to one another? Never, although I do love the art of writing to someone and waiting in anticipation for that letter to arrive but we are all just a flick of the button away from being connected.

It's so easy to fall into the trap of being online too much so what I'm changing about my activity online is that on Sunday (unless it's a holiday) and Monday, I will be laptop free. I've cut out my Facebook until my eyes completely heal.

I'm having a major romance with my home so I feel no pain when I'm not online. Bonnie, I love the fact that I only have a few comments on my post. Do you remember when you told me that I was having Pink Saturday burn! The ones that still return to my get the idea. I'm doing PS once every three months. That will still be fun for me without the stress. That's what it's supposed to be for me!!

Well, I've rambled on long enough. Marshall agrees with my decisions and now we are off to take a walk on our street.

Love you dearly!

P.S. I see Jim in that little!

LA Adams said...

Interestingly I got a email (ok irony) from our Doctor's office who had a family therapist writing about getting family to shut down the TV/Computer for 2 hours twice a week and interact with family members and then go out in a nature setting once a week to rejoin and heal the family.

Sounds a bit like family home evening with a few real live sit down dinners thrown in.

Thanks for bring this up.

Caroline Craven said...

Well, I have mixed emotions about the whole internet connection stuff. I still do my bills the old fashioned way - snail mail, and I'm not sure why. I love being connected to people that I otherwise may not be in touch with. HOwever, there are times when I want to throw the computer, tv, cell phones and ipods out the window. I used to walk all the time wireless, then I got a shuffle for my birthday and now I'm wired up every time I go out. On a rare occasion I go without the shuffle just so I can "think". I love those days. With me, technology is a "love/hate" relationship. I love the technology and what it affords me, but hate the hassles it also can create. Some days I just want to be Laura Ingalls, then other days I love that the world is at my feet, so to speak.

It is just a constant dichotomy. When I was a teenager, you had to make an effort and go looking for porn if you were so inclined. Now, you have to make and effort NOT to be indulged in it at every turn. On the other hand, how handy is it to be able to listen to or read the words of our prophet with just a few clicks! Like most people, I'm stuck somewhere in the middle on this issue.