Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Words

Often times when someone is expecting a baby they really have a preference on the gender of the baby. Often they are disappointed when they find out they are having yet another boy or girl when they were really hoping for the other. Nine times out of ten when we sense there is a little disappointment what do we say to the person in an attempt to be kind and helpful? "Oh, I am so happy for you..... as long as its healthy!'

I use to say this all the time to people because I didn't know better. Our personal experiences have taught us that that any child of God sent to this earth by our Heavenly Father is a blessing beyond measure. Health has nothing to do with it. I never really even thought about how that little quip could be hurtful to someone else.

It is true that having health issues is certainly nothing anyone would want to see inflicted on any child. It is true that it can be very inconvenient and requires much personal sacrifice on the part of the parents, but what child doesn't? Earth life is like that. But it is also very true that the blessing of that little child's opportunity to experience life and family and love and happiness are just as wonderful regardless of health. And there is a special club of people who know this through their own experiences.

Anyway I just thought of this this afternoon when a sweet friend announced the 4th daughter on the way when they were hoping for a brother for their one son. Some very sweet, innocent person made the 'as long as its healthy' reply on Facebook and it just got me to thinking.....if she only knew. Sometimes you just have to have 'been there' to know that beautiful blessings come in all shapes, sizes and situations.