Thursday, November 24, 2011

Defining Thanksgiving

As Webster Defines It

As Historians Define It

As Norman Rockwell Defines It

As Nature Defines It

As Turkey Bowl Traditions Define It...

As Retail Defines It~Black Friday's Eve

As We Define It

As we think about Thanksgiving it bring to mind several things. All of the above which are all fun and wonderful traditions; the beauty of autumn and the Pilgrims' bounteous harvest, thoughts of family gatherings for their turkey and all the trimmings, the excitement of Christmas coming soon and getting gifts at door buster prices, and maybe even getting together to play flag football, often in rain, mud and even snow with family and friends prior to the feast. These are the things we do to bring unity to our families and communities. It is a time to stop and ponder and think about how good we really have it. Amidst all the horrors of the daily news, we can find peace on this day set aside to be grateful. We love that about Thanksgiving Day.

But the thing that troubles me about it is that each year it becomes more apparent that many have forgotten or dismissed whom they should be thanking. We are grateful that in our family and among our dear friends we have not lost sight of our Father in Heaven and all the bounty He has blessed us with on a daily basis. We are grateful for His love which makes us appreciate everything else more, even the refining purpose of the hard things.

Gratitude is a choice, like everything else we do. In our family we choose it and it makes us very happy to recognize and acknowledge the source of our joy. So while we are enjoying this special day we will carry that same prayer of thanksgiving in our hearts that is there every other day of the year. We hope your day is excellent, your feast is wonderful, and your company exceptional. And most of all we hope your heart is full of thanks to the Father of us all. Make it a great day, by filling it with love and gratitude and the making of happy memories! (#2 0f 2 posts today.)


Have a fun party with your special people
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Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, another beautiful post from you. You amaze me my friend. You are so wonderful with words. You should have been a writer! I agree with everything you have said here. Love and hugs and Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and Jim! xxoo