Friday, November 11, 2011

What Color is Your World Today?

Some days look like this...

Other just look like this.....

What contributes to the difference? For me I think it is the futility of certain things, discouragement and a lack of vision to recognize where the color actually is. It comes when I am depending too much on the arm of flesh. It comes when I am so busy looking within and around myself and forget to look up! It comes when I feel impatient and unforgiving and when I expect too much. It comes when I feel I am battling the black and white alone. It comes when I forget to remember.

What do you do to put some color back into your world? What does it take to paint your world in vibrant beautiful colors again? What are the brush strokes that bring out the sun? Where is the red that brings out your passion, the yellow that brings out your courage, the green~your zest for life and blue, your sense of peace and hope and love? What is the wind beneath your wings that dissipates the clouds of gray and helps you see things as they really are?

For me it is when I do remember and also when I try to forget. For me it is a complete palate of vibrant colors that I need to actually seek and find and reclaim through faith, hope and charity. It is giving myself permission to get it back through repentance, forgiveness and gratitude. It is remembering that the Savior holds out His hand to me and forgetting about the things that make me sad. It is about moving on, moving up and moving mountains. A little here, a little there until the perfect day. It is about loving and thinking of it as something you give, not just get. It is acting, moving, doing something. It is building a bridge to your dreams, not just passively waiting for what you want or need. It is being a lifter and an encourager to someone else. Letting the light within you come out to brighten and bless the world around you. Our color comes from the light of Christ in our lives. Without Light we cannot see any color at all.

It is feeling the love from
its source, letting it nurture us and being satisfied!
It is sharing what we know to be true
with those we love most

by what we say and do every single is integrity.

The lovely town above is Burano, Italy.
It is a tiny island near Venice.
It is full of color...
I could go there and just never leave.
Want to come with....?
Rifugio Bella!


Deila said...

I love the color analogy. I love the light, and I am visiting my grandkids in so. calif this week. Today it has been grey and gloomy. It really affects me, but I am looking at the color and feeling up. Beautiful little town.

LA Adams said...

This is great!

On a side note, where does the wave hitting the beach sound come from?

Sister Susie said...

Isn't it amazing after Almighty GOD created the heavens and the earth, the first "Let there be..." is Light! That was before He "Let there be..." the greater light by day and the lesser light by night.

It's amazing how man labels different emotions to different colors, for each of those Colors in Heaven will all be Perfect and Positive; except for black which is compared to darkness and will never be again in Heaven, only in hell's outer darkness.

When light is concentrated in a beam onto a prism, you get the different colors. Can you imagine the Colors in their radiance that are spoken about around the Throne of GOD in Heaven! The very Light of GOD shining through our New Body's eye lenses will show a depth we can never imagine in this world. The beauty we see in the colors of the world around us now, will be ever so dim compared to the Brilliance of GOD's Colors in Glory. I praise the LORD for my sight of His beauty in this world, but how I long to be in His Presence to see the Colors of His Radiant Beauty that is now unexplainable!

So, let us let our light shine for Christ!
Love to you all,