Monday, November 14, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~November 14, 2011

Just For Today...Monday, November 7, 2011

As my friend Marie's says about
writing a daybook post or reading one,
" It is like sitting down together for a chat over
(herbal) tea."

Outside my window...the sun is shining brightly, there is a quiet breeze and the driveway is carpeted with beautiful amber leaves. I can see a pumpkin and some pomegranates on the little table on my porch and I know if I walked out there I would be cold. It is going to be a beautiful day.

From the learning room...our insecurities and lack of confidence never find a solution until we can learn to reach up and take the hand of God who never hurts us or leaves us or makes us feel less than cherished. That is when we learn to be strong and trust in ourselves and know that we have value.

I am reading...1st & 2nd Nephi.

From the kitchen...Well not a lot but I do need to do some cooking one day this week. We are going to Jim's cousin's for Thanksgiving so I will not be cooking a big meal after all. Kinda happy about that really as I need to get organized for Rhode Island. That means getting Christmas under control ASAP.

I am missing...the Christmas still feels too early. Actually I am usually practically done by now but this year...not so much. Wasn't it just summer five minutes ago?

I am hearing...Tea And Sympathy by Janice Ian. Now that is a moldy oldie and I still love it.

I am wearing...Black pants an a red and while and black autumn shirt with a covered bridge and some pretty trees on it. Sounds kind of gross but it is really pretty cute.

I am quoting..."The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by people with no grandchildren." ~Doug Larson

Somethings that made me especially happy this past week...Jim getting all 20 tons, literally 40 thousand pounds of gravel off the driveway and onto his new road that will lead to his work shop. He and Dave and Bobcat did a phenomenal job. Going out to dinner with our good friends for some work Jim did for them. They didn't have to take us but I am glad they did as it was just fun to chat with them and be together for the evening.

And the most important thing of all that Heavenly Father heard our prayers of protection for Ross this past week and that those prayers were answered. He could have been seriously injured when the hatchback of their van closed and locked on his little hand when he was in the car alone. Those back doors have no door opener on them from the inside. Hello..serious design flaw to be acutely aware of. Some angels came by and rescued him before serious consequences resulted. He is just fine, not even a break but Mom and Gramma suffered irreparable damage to the heart from the fear of what could have happened. But then upon reflection, gratitude was our remedy. Thank God for prayer answered.

I am finish some paper work today that has been hanging over my head far too long.

One of my guilty Check it out. Online bulletin boards where you can store all your favorite things. If you love organizing your cool favorites of any kind you will LOVE it too.

Pet Peeve...People that do not think things through before they act or speak. When I do this I feel terrible. For some, they never appear to look back.

One of my favorite things...
creativity, there are so many totally talented people in this world. I appreciate the ones I know of and look forward to seeing the work of those I haven't discovered yet.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...The Sandpiper with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Some valuable lessons about living the values you know you should and what happens when you don't.

I am curious about...why bad habits sink like an anchor into your soul and good ones are often as allusive as a butterfly. Just when you almost have it captured it can just flit away in a heartbeat. I vote for the opposite to be true.

If I could change one thing it would be...that the people who are spending their time occupying and whining would get to work and improve their situation instead of expecting everything for free. Life is not a live-in party. Remembering the 60s. Seriously what planet are they from? The Haight /Ashbury is cleaned up and productive again. Take a lesson, people.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Staying in today to get things done, tomorrow I am not working at the library as I have a Relief Society Gratitude Dinner at church to attend. I need to make a vegetable dish to bring, but am looking forward to being able to have the whole day. I will probably work on genealogy but from home. Wednesday Christmas shopping. Seeing if I can do it all in a day. Thursday a long awaited get away with James. Friday pedicure and meeting with friends and also...Room With A Past. Woohoo. Saturday Scouting For Food all day and then done for another year. Double woohoo!

Some photos and thoughts I'm sharing this week...

No Autumn is perfect around here without a trip to Orchard Nursery in Lafayette. They just capture it in so many glorious ways. Check out these photos?

I adore these metal goats. How cute is that?

The entire nursery is eye candy for the soul.
So glad I took the time to go for a visit on Friday.


Sister Susie said...'s a beautiful evening, cooling off quickly from the warm low 70's of the day, ha!
In the fleeting light, the feral cats leap and play, rolling and tossing on the still warm ground that will quickly become damp and cool.
LEARNING ROOM...It's a life long lesson that I continue to learn everyday.
READING...Psalm 150. The teachings from these beautiful songs teach us so much about what you mentioned in "The Learning Room!"
KITCHEN...fixed soup from dried beans! Some more of Gramma Jo's Pumpkin Bread! Wow, I don't eat much "bread," so it's okay to eat so much of this delicious bread! I also fixed "brownies." I like to pour the batter out in a cookie sheet and make it cookie-like! earring from some months ago! It perfectly went with only one of my outfits. It matched the top's detail!
HEARING...Jeopardy playing on t.v.
WEARING.. uh-oh, blue nightie again!
YOUR QUOTE...I've never even been a mom, but after teaching kindergartners for 29 years I surely can identify with your quote!!
HAPPY...Praise the LORD for Ross' hand! It must be something about being younger. I was five (at the drive-in theater) when my brother unknowingly slammed the door after I had placed my hand in the door to move over to his side of the back seat. It was opened immediately as I screamed right in dad's ear who was sitting right at ear level of my mouth!! It swelled right away, but mom had ice in the chest of goodies they had brought. For answered prayers for a good friend in chirch who had congestive heart failure this week, twice! Also I'm happy to say feral Mamacat's kittens are all okay!!
GOING...went to see the Christmas tree display. #1 was done by several schools using plastic water bottles! They were cut in certain shapes. Each school had certain colors they painted the bottles. When you look at the tree, it appears to have a rainbow color as you walk around the tree. It would have been beautiful if they could have had it revolving! It was about 20 foot high!
GUILTY PLEASURES...baking and eating Gramma Jo's Pumpkin Bread!
PET PEEVE...people not paying attention to the traffic lights, not driving defensively due to talking on those dad-gummed cell phones!
FAVORITE...watching the nature outside my windows.
MOVIE...South Pacific (not recently.)
CURIOUS...why the young generation won't listen to their "elders" who have gone down the same wrong road before they learned to follow the directions previously given!
CHANGE...Amen. It's like the hippy era all over again. (See CURIOUS.)
WEEK...laid back with my feet up, nothing to do, but eat Gramma Jo's bread with a cup of coffee!
Love to you and yours,

Deila said...

I love those photos of the nursery, I am wanting to go there and walk about, think about nature and forget the problems of the world. I am reading Rough Stone Rolling, and love it.

Marie said...

Beautiful daybook as always Bonnie. I am so glad that Russ wasn't seriously hurt. How dangerous is that! Keeping your son in law in our prayers. Dinner out with friends always nice ... we don't do it near often enough. Love and hugs to you today and always! xxoo

Marie said...

I meant Ross, not Russ. Forgive me.