Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silver & White ~ Mercury Glass & Light

I was so excited to have new room to decorate for Christmas last year. When you live in the same house for over 30 years, this is a good thing. How many way cans you say Christmas in designing the same spaces over and over? It can be a challenge, and a fun one at that. I decided to just use white and silver and tiny touch of red. By removing the Tuscan colors that are normally in here it was very easy to get a completely new look. This year I am reposting the decor from last year as this is a traveling Christmas for us and our Thanksgiving stuff will likely still be up in January when we return. Hopefully not, just sayin'...

It is kind of hard for me not to decorate even though it is a huge job, it is totally my thing. I love the transformation into this lovely, happy, festive time of year. I am a Christmas girl, always have been, always will be. I never bake a cookie but I do go all out on the house. I enjoy the warm embrace of being gift wrapped in Christmas in every room in the house. I enjoy the cookies too, but they tend to embrace me for the entire year. So, no thanks!

Where the sunflowers use to sit
I added this whimsical, sparkly tree.

I have had these guys for several years
and I love them in here!

This Moonlight and Roses Santa is new this year.
and is so pretty in this room.
is one of my favorite sites.
I love their things.
Vintage and glittery,
such bling for the home!

My funny angel and the white towels
with a simple ornament is fun!

Chrsitmasy things in the tub tray.

I am in love with the mercury glass
vintage look and

I loved the way the windows sills
have glistened.

A nativity I have had for a long time
now has a wonderful place to be.

A little present (just for you) in silver with a candle inside.

Love, love love, this tall reindeer and the candle holders.

I enjoy these whimsical kinds of
things especially at Christmas.

Love the corner window, in fact all of the windows.
The light in here changes everything!

A fun, little, vintage wall hanging I found!

Merry Christmas!

Laura made the Buon Natale sign.
It has a very pretty subtle glitter on it.

(Missing everything "Italy" at Christmas for sure!)

We might try to make a few
this year in New England.
Hopefully we will have all kinds of time
for such relaxing and creative endeavors.

I have to kind of laugh at this notion because we have trouble watching a movie when we get together for all the busyness with boys and dads and activities. We like to go in her room on the bed with the laptop. (We snuggle up under the blankets with the door shut and watch chick flicks and laugh and cry...Pure mother/daughter heaven!) It might be our favorite thing to do...Well put that right below a girls' day out doing our thing..shopping, lunching and chatting our heads off and hearts into joy-filled oblivion. The only thing that makes that better is piling Jen on there with us! Yep, that is the best of the best. Definitely.....♥ ♥ ♥


Sister Susie said...

Beautiful ornaments and decorations, Bonnie! Just think of the Crowns of Glory that Christ will one Day adorn upon us!

Beautiful Christmas decorations!
Love to you all,

Marie said...

Bonnie, I love your taste and style! It's impeccable. I adore all your decorations. They surely have the wow factor! Love your new header too! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Fun seeing your bathroom post again,
It is so pretty and looks like a winter wonderland in there.
I am so into that mercury glass now.
I had bought some gold mercury glass candle holders for the reception and I have really used them a lot already. So they were a great investment. I saw some things in like a turqoise blue somewhere that just took my breathe away they were so pretty.

So happy to hear you are going to spend Christmas with laura and the boys, I am sure that gives her something fun to look forward to.
How is she doing?? I pray for them when they come to mind cause I know this has got to be very hard on all of them. Glad he made it there safely tho.

Glad you enjoyed the reception pics, it was certainly a special time for all of us, and the newly weds are doing great. My commitment aphobic Daughter is really loving be a married woman. lol
They are just so cute together, it warms are heart!

Well, hoping maybe to do a post today, will see............

Love ya hon, and as always was great to hear from you.