Friday, November 4, 2011

The Hope That Springs Eternal

Yesterday during my afternoon nap I had a dream about younger days in my life. The setting was San Francisco, the financial district where I worked for The Standard Oil Company as a young woman. I don't remember a lot of the particulars of the dream but I do remember what I was wearing. Is that not so typically female?

I was wearing this cute little, sassy yellow and white dress and heels. 3 inch heels! I remember I use to that dress and it was always the one I would choose when I had something special to do or a fun place to go and I just wanted to feel and look my best. In the dream I could feel my youth, energy and vitality and how enjoyable it was to be young. I remembered what it was like to walk around all day in those heels and not be in pain. I remembered what it felt like to have the world by the tail~my own little oyster just ready and waiting to be experienced.

When I awakened from my dream my first thoughts were of fondly reminiscing and complete enjoyment. Oddly though, right after that I was filled with this longing for it and sorrow that it was gone forever. I have never been one to want to "go back" to any period in my life and relive it, but for those few moments, I would have considered it had I been given the option. I really felt an anguish for those days gone by. That sassy little dress and the three inch heels and the occasional turning of a head...are things of the distant past... and I felt it. I really felt it, not just thought about it.

When I became more fully awake and alert, I realized that trading experience and hopefully, wisdom for those things and sensible shoes was a good thing. But still, in the back of my mind, I felt a little need to mourn.

Fast forward to this morning when Jim and I woke up and briefly discussed our aches and pains of the day. His wrist was hurting my shoulder and elbow were know the scenario if you are around our age. I was feeling a little disgruntled about the total plan, to tell you the honest truth. All the experience and hopefully, wisdom was no consolation at that point in my day.

Then I found an article written by Angie Smith about hope entitled Feathers on the website. Quoting part of it she said,

"The Greek word for hope is "elpizo," and my favorite definition reads:

To wait for salvation with joy and full confidence

So, really, it isn’t about wanting some certain

outcome or even longing for the desire of your heart.

It’s about waiting. With joy. With confidence."

Right after that the thought came to me that in the resurrection the Lord, in His kindness, will give us back all the best of ourselves. We will be restored to our perfect frame and get to keep the wisdom and experiences that shaped us as a whole person. Hope is the evidence of things not (yet) seen that are true! As is faith. So I am back with my full support of God's plan for us as I have felt His love for each of us and His desire for us to have the best of all that He has.

I may never wear those three inch heels again (just sayin'), but in my mind's eye I am satisfied to know that if I wanted to I could at some point in the future. And having all my experience and hopefully, wisdom along with it will be a nice twist as well! In the end ~ it is all good.

Maybe having the aches and pains of today are just there to help us more fully appreciate what the eternities holds for those that have hope and believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. It works for me and I plan on sticking with it forever! What is not to love about his generous and hope-filled plan for all of us?

All is not lost after all!


Sister Susie said...

Aren't choices easier to make when you look back on your life? I love the good memories and am trying to forget the bad. I don't think I would want to go back through it all again to change those bad memories which probably were meant to be an object lesson from my LORD! I may not be the person I am today, if I hadn't gone through those experiences.

I will gladly endure my aches and pains, that we all in one way or another go through. I'm looking for that Great Future our LORD has for us! The worship, praise, thanksgiving, honor, glory, and service we will be involved with, is just the beginning of the new Mysteries of GOD. His WORD tells us He will wipe away all of our tears. Those Mysteries that will be revealed to us then can have no relationship to this now known universe (Revelation teaches we now have no comprehension to understand Heaven.) Also, this universe along with Satan, his demons, the fallen angels, and those rejecting GOD's salvation will have no part in GOD's New Heaven and New Earth. Their place is the Eternal Lake of Fire. The Bible talks about His Children being above the angels in Heaven. Our status will be so elevated that the things of this now known universe will be of no avail. I don't think there will be any time or purpose, for our now known memories. Christ said all of our good works are as filthy rags before a Holy GOD. I believe the "wiping away of our tears" not only deals with past sins to be remembered no more, but it also has to do with an unexplainable joy of recognizing Old and New Testament saints we now presently don't know. That's just the beginning of these Mysteries of GOD! Our new bodies will not be held to this world's 5 senses. (As Christ appeared "out of nowhere" to the disciple.)

The less I look back, the more I look to what my GOD has instore for me now but, especially "THEN!"
Love to you all,

Marie said...

I spoke to my sister on the telephone last weekend and we noticed that the first fifteen minutes of our conversation was about all our aches and pains! Surely a sign of getting older! Then we spoke about spiritual things and I was distressed to discover that my much beloved sister doesn't believe that there is anything after this lifetime and that the Saviour was nothing more than a learned teacher. How very sad. None of us knows for sure what the future will bring, but I am so very grateful for a Gospel that gives me the strength to cope with all of my nows and the hope for a blessed and bright future. I feel sad for anyone who has not got this. I don't think I will ever wear highheels again either, but meh! What does it matter. What matters most is that I am still on my feet!! xxoo