Wednesday, November 16, 2011

California Gets Her Kind of Snow!

Looking straight up from our driveway~
love this beautiful walnut tree.

Our next door neighbor's front yard

Yesterday I went outside to walk to the mailbox. I had my phone and ended up being out there for quite some time. I love this beautiful season, it just makes my heart sing. Everything is so crisp and beautiful and the brilliant colors ease the gloominess of gray days. The following are some photos of a few of the days during the season that I have been collecting to share with you.

This tree is on the property across the road from us that was at one time owned by Jim's grandparents. It was long before we lived here and that has been 33 years. I wonder if this tree was standing in their front yard when Jim's Dad was a boy?

Found on the old homestead on the
side yard of what was their home.

The yard across the street from theirs and near ours.

The Chinese Elm that shades part of our home

And covers everything with "snow" leaves.
Stepping outside the door is very crunchy!

Our Back Porch

Our side yard

The path to the Man Shed out in
the backyard on this dark gray day.

The canopy that hugs our roof right now~coziness!

Looking down on the family room
from the upper part of the yard.

It has been snowing leaves around here.
Our kind of snow for sure!

And today I am thankful for all our blessings!
It is a beautiful fall day
And we are all so blessed!


LA Adams said...

Isn't it fantastic that fall has finally arrived?!!! I'm so happy with all the color when I walk around the city! I keep snapping pictures to save the feeling - but its never the same as real life. It's like listening to music live. You can get a recording that is wonderful but there is really something powerful to listening to someone play. Just like walking down the street, watching all the colors! Ahh, life is worth it!

Sister Susie said...

I love to see when ONE tree has all of the stages of colors, green to yellow to orange to brown! It is so gorgous to see it all on one tree, yet many trees together in their stages of color, WOW!
Thank you for sharing your pictures. Here in Florida we don't have too many trees that change colors (our oaks do in the SPRING, ha!)
Love to you and yours,

Bonnie said...

I think the fact that the neighborhood looks like this right now might be the problem I am having with getting into Christmas o early. Autumn has barely arrived here. But maybe it is something more as usually I am practically done by now. It may be because I am not decorating due to going to Rhode Island.

Marie said...

You have such a beautiful garden Bonnie, even in the autumn! I love all the trees. I would love a garden full of trees. Love you lots. xxoo