Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Why Did I Cry Over Mamma Mia? Well...

Meryl Streep~Always the Best!

If there was ever a chick has to be this one. I wrote this post a few years ago and it still sounds fun to me. Who's coming to Greece with me? The movie is a little naughty, a little nice, a whole lot funny, some very romantic and poignant, tender moments. The story is quite nonsensical and yet touched my heart on a bunch of levels.

And ladies, Mr. Darcy prancing around in tights and singing a song. Hmmm! Oh my word that was a funny thing for him to do at the end as they were rolling the credits. Do you think a single person watched those words roll by? Nope, not a chance! Well, maybe if it was their name..that is it.

I have had a few people ask this question so thought I'd try to reveal exactly why that movie made me cry. Hmmm, well, here are some of my random thoughts about it....

I loved that it was a movie about people over 49 that depicted them as vibrant, fun-loving human beings that have loving hearts. They are still, amazingly enough, full of passion and desire, and a need for a relationship in spite of the losses they have experienced in life. I loved that Meryl Streep's character was still filled with love and hope after being without the person she loved for 20 years. I thought it said a lot about the nature of the human heart's ability to go on dreaming dreams even when things have not always gone your way.

I love the Dancing Queens scenes where women of all shapes, sizes and degrees of physical beauty as the culture defines it, were celebrated. They were all beautiful, young and old just because they were women! There were no stereotypes of what beauty is, they were just beautiful because they were themselves. So tears.

Dancing Queens

I love the carefree manner in which they were rejoicing in and remembering some of the feelings they had had when they were 17 and dancing queens. I could actually remember feeling that way at 17 and some of my tears were about just letting that carefree spirit I felt then~ slip away. It just reminded me that we have forgotten how to play and I missed that feeling in my life. Nostalgia ~ So more tears.

There's Nothing Like the Reunion of Old Friends

Do not mess with this!

I loved the song and scenes of "Slipping Through My Fingers" because it was so like I feel about our beautiful daughters and (of course our son) and the fact that sometimes I mourn the loss of their childhood and miss them so much. You try to keep a light heart about them growing up and going away but sometimes it just doesn't seem possible that that part of your life has slipped through your fingers and is over and that things will never be the same again. So tears...lots of them (maybe even gulping sobs where you are glad the surround sound of the theatre is very, very loud).

Mother Daughter Moments~
Ouch, I do so miss that!

The Winner Takes it All...Everyone probably relates to this song on some level. I loved the dramatic way in which it was used in the story and the amazing performance of Meryl Streep. Don't you relate to that line..."I don't want to talk~ because it makes me feel bad?" Sometimes you just feel that way about things that have happened in your life. Again tears. You have climbed the mountain but sometimes you just feel tired, weary and worn out. I loved the visuals of her escaping the pain and running up the mountain with the red scarf. To me it symbolized that in spite of her trials and discouragements she could still move forward with an unexplained passion for living and loving.

And lastly, I loved Meryl Streep and the way she has magnified her talents and given so much to women in general, just by being herself and working hard to perfect her craft with style, grace and a lot of spunk. I love that throughout her career she her carefully chosen her roles so she didn't get type cast as a one dimensional woman.

So, I ask you~ who wants to go to Greece with me, put on an old house dress and a scarf, an apron and some clunky shoes, and ditch the bras and the make-up? Then we will skip down to the peer singing and dancing like queens, cannonball into the water and laugh our heads off!

Cannon Ball from here!

Girl gets guy of her!

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Miss Jen said...

I'll go!

The Gatchell Crew said...

Oh Bonnie I do I do I do... I want to run with you take me with you. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really want to. Thanks for sharing you are a wonderful writer. Have a great weekend!!!

Laura said...

I am in, but with all that running, skipping,and jumping I had better keep that bra on so the sisters don't drag to my toes.

HILLARY said...

I cried, too. My 14 yr old was a little embarrassed, but she knows I'm a crier! It was wonderful to be able to see it with my mom, sister's, and daughter, hence the tears!

Bonnie said...

You are all too cute. Laura...OK we will allow your bra! We don't need anything else that we might trip on.

I figure half of the takers on my offer to go do this will be people that flat out just want to see ME run anywhere!

I would love to go play with all of you and Hillary...bring your mom for sure!

CA Poppy said...

They reminded me of you,Barb,Norma and Sharon! You should do reviews for Blissfully Domestic~you're spot on.

Ralphie said...

I'm totally in for the Greece trip - except the cannonball part. But, dancing, laughing, crying, singing, count me in! Love you. Barbara

Connie said...

YES!!!!! Wonderful visuals--thanks, my precious friend! However, I can either skip or lose the bra, but not both. :) I love your tender feelings about your children. I feel the same exact way, and would have been bawling right along with you (possibly even drowning you out) during the performance. Love you so, Bon!!!

Bonnie said...

OK,OK Bras and cannonballing into the sea are optional! I love you guys!

Bonnie said...

Mandy, Traci, Emily, Deanna, Jessica, Julie, Beth, Missy, Vanessa, Laura Lou, Sara?'re not coming? Lanette you could lead us down to the water? Come on, ladies! Where are all you dancing queens, anyway?

Christine said...

Came across your blog and loved catching up on so many wonderful people I love!
Greece... Wow it sounds great! I already gave up on the bra and makeup long ago.

Julie said...

I have always wanted to go to Greece. What better way to do it than braless and with a group of wonderful women. Imagine the possibilities!!

laura.elizabeth said...

Count me in! I would love a trip like this with friends and family and beautiful Greece! I am there.

Now you know it really is a possibility, don't you? Seriously, I could hook you (ALL OF YOU) up. Wouldn't that be amazing? Life changing really. Anyway...just a thought.


Marie said...

I know we're not supposed to like things like this, but I cannot help but love this film, and for all the reasons that you do too. I was listening to the music cd just the other afternoon and now am inspired to break out the film tonight and give it another watch, for the umpteenth time! I think Todd can just about bear it! Love you lots! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

I saw this a long time ago. I need to watch it again!