Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Witness Protection Program?

I just love the LinkWithin feature at the bottom of each post because after you have done over 1500 blog posts most of them are completely new to you, even though you wrote them. I cracked up when I saw this one that I did three years ago. What self-respecting grandmother of ten does this goofy stuff? I have finally grown up this year....Maybe? No guarantees.

"You must realize this is a joke...just for fun and very silly. Just in case you thought I was never knows. Maybe I will put the winner my blog up at the top. Camouflaging the real me is not a bad idea!

Mandy, thanks for the fun! You can get this exciting experience yourself by clicking here.
Don't forget to vote for your favorite one in the comment section. I have tried the very long hair ..Nope, didn't like it a bit. It is like running around with a towel on your head. Never did like long hair on me. It only looks good when you are not moving your head or you are Gweneth Paltrow. It is heavy and restricting and always in your can do. The other three are pretty ridiculous too. Not crazy about the middle two and the bob drives me crazy, I must have layers.

I have finally figured out after all this time what works for me jut a few months ago. Wash it, blow dry it, wax it, textured with your fingers (no brushing) and spray. The five 5 minute make-over everyday. Yep, that's me. The Critical and Most Essential Thing...a great haircut and a smile on your face and you are good to go.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the flash back to 2008. We all need a little levity in our days, right?


Marie said...

You do look Gorgeous in the Gwyneth do, but I'm with you. Long hair is a nuisance. Just too hard to take care of. Give me a "Wash and go" any day of the week! And Grandma's are allowed to be a bit crazy. It only adds to their charm. Love you lots! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

I really like the style you have now the best! But, to choose one, I'd pick #3.

I have always had my hair cut short since I was a child. In high school I tried to let it grow, but when I would pull it back, it would give me a headache! My head wasn't used to the weight of hair nor the pressure of pulling it back tight!!

So, I still have the same short cut!
I enjoyed your hairstyles!

Sister Susie said...

Gramma Jo's "Recipe" has been tried again (2nd try!) You can see it on my blog!

Caroline Craven said...

I must pick number 1, because when I first looked at it (for a few seconds, actually) I thought it was Laura. Then I scrolled down to your other post - the veil is kind of like having long hair for just on night, right? And that hairdryer is to die for. I remember getting up early on Sunday mornings to wash, curl and dry my hair and we had to be fast because I grew up in a family with 6 girls. We didn't all use it, but enough of us did that we had to be quick (and early) if we wanted a shot at the hair dryer - as we only had one. Great posts.