Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Endowment is a Gift With a Twist

Several years ago I attended a Sunday School Class where Brother Tony Damiano was giving a lesson that really got me thinking. I have wanted to do a post on it ever since.

He talked about how commodities and things change hands between various individuals.

1. A Gift~ A person chooses something that they find valuable and hopes the recipient will love it also. The gift is given as a token of esteem, love or appreciation for their association and nothing is expected in return.

2. A Sale~One person has something of value and another person wants it. They negotiate a price that seems fair in both of their eyes and an exchange is made. This works best when each feels that got the better end of the deal.

3. An Endowment~One person has something of great value that he wants to give to another but in exchange he wants something of far less value from the recipient.

He then told the story of Duke University to illustrate his point.

Duke University in Durham N.C. was originally known as Trinity College. A very wealthy family endowed the college with three $100,000 gifts. This endowment was huge by the standards of the day and since 1925, it has given over a billion dollars to the people of North and South Carolina. The Endowment makes gifts to support child care, hospitals, churches, and higher education in those states.

The Duke Family asked for a few things in return, one that women be admitted with the same status and criteria as men and two that they rename the college, Duke University in honor of the family. There may have been a few more stipulations but, the point is that what they asked in return was nothing compared to what the University received by complying with the family's wishes. Much was given ~ very little was expected in return.

I thought this was really brilliant as a way to more fully understand how little our Father in Heaven and the Savior ask of us to inherit all that they have. I just love lessons like this that stay with you a long time~and get you to really ponder things of the spirit.

Unwrap the Gift!


Marie said...

What a wonderful post Bonnie! I enjoyed every word. Much food for thought here as always. Hope that you have a lovely week. xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Amen Bonnie,
A very good analogy. Makes me think of the words of a song, "Jesus gave it all...........all to him I owe,
sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow!

What a savior we have, and what a gift He is...............truly we need to unwrap the gift just as you say.............with Him we have everything.

Thanks for coming by, and for all your lovely comments about the wedding pics. I really think the guy was such an Artist as well.
Our biggest problem is trying to
decide which ones to display. lol
Nice problem to have tho......

Can't believe next week is Thanksgving and I have not done any
Christmas shopping yet, usually I am almost done by Thanksgiving.
So far behind...........oh well, it'll get done, it always does.....

Take care, and it was great to hear from you hon. We went away this weekend, just in the area down near Disney, and we had such a great time. Will probably post about it today.

Love ya, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

I think of the Gift Christ gave to mankind, Eternal Salvation! The only sad part, are those who refuse to accept this Gift of Great Price! I pray every day for the lost and dying of this world. I thank and praise our Awesome, Almighty, Creator, Savior, Holy Father GOD for all of His children who have come into His Mighty Gracy and Mercy! We shall wear a Robe and Crown that He only can give! What a Glorious Day awaits us. In the meantime, I live my life for Him and die to self!

Love to you and yours,

LA Adams said...

I love examples that I can see and "get". Thanks. Real food for thought.