Saturday, July 5, 2008

Church @ Primary Children's Hospital

The Branch meets weekly in this auditorium

They have tissues on the banister all the way around the room
~It is needed!~

After church they have a table with these
sweet baby blankets on them for the babies.
Piper selected this one for Hazel.

The label on the blanket says this~meltdown at this point.

This branch is unbelievable. It meets for only a half an hour and the meeting is just phenomenal. Jen says this is her favorite ward. The meeting is so spiritual and people there can bring their children to the service. In they come in wheelchairs, with IV poles, or oxygen in tow and it is enough to break your heart and warm your heart and just majorly give your spirit and heart a real workout. There are prayers and hymns, a musical number, and the sacrament and one talk. It is perfect. They provide the primary lesson to individual kids in their rooms~each week. Amazing. Testimony builder if ever there was one. We are thankful that through this hospital stay we have been able to attend here. Jim and I are taking the kids up tomorrow so we can do it again. This will be his first time to attend and I know he will love it.


Laura said...

That is so amazing! The church does so many incredible things behind the scenes! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Jen said...

This is my favorite ward but it might be because the whole thing is 30 minutes...sorry to shatter that dream mom!

The spirit is strong and the need is great in these meetings. I never leave feeling like we are suffering, I always leave feeling that we are so blessed with the handful of things Hazel has to deal with, that they are treatable and that we have amazing support.

Bonnie said...

Jen I knew that was one of the reasons~I agree! Why take forever when so much can be accomplished in 30 minutes?

Sal Gal said...

Amazing, thanks for sharing all these things, I get chills just from your words, what a place! And tears.