Saturday, July 5, 2008

Visiting Hazel in Room 3005

Hazel loves these little bottles...she can hold
them so nicely an they are very light.

Check out these beautiful eyes!

Hazie loves her bunny and sleep with her all the time.

University Guest House
This is where we stayed while waiting for a place
at the Ronald Mc Donald House

It is very nice, inexpensive, convenient
and right next door to the hospital!

These pictures were taken at the hospital's
Meditation Gardens

Located right outside the entrance to the hospital
it is very relaxing and beautiful.

~The Big Sisters~
Taking a much needed break
in this garden setting after the
confines of a hospital room for
several hours.


CA Poppy said...

The gardens are beautiful and defintely a respite from the interior of the hosptal. Thankyou for keeping us posted. We're keeping your familyin our prayers. Sweet is looking good. Love, Michelle

CA Poppy said...

The girls look terrific in the garden by the water feature. Thankyou for keeping us posted because we think of Hazel often and remember yor family in our prayers.

Laura said...

Little Hazel looks so cute and sweet, and the "big sisters" are so cute! Our prayers continue.

Miss Jen said...

That night in the University guest house seems like 2 months ago!

laura.elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing photos of where you are- it really helps me deal with not being there to help. The mediation garden is beautiful. And Hazel is an angel!

mandy* said...

Oh my gosh...Hazel is such a big girl!! Such a cutie pie! We love you guys!