Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's all Attitude, Man!

I ran across this quote today and thought I wish I had read this sooner; like when Jen and I were going CRAZY in the hospital this month.

“Nothing is miserable unless you think it so; and on the other hand, nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.” --Boethius *

So in keeping with this great quote from now on Jen and I will be referring to our excursions to Primary Children's Hospital as Hazel's Trip to the Health Spa. It seems to work since it is very pricey, everyday they give her a luxurious bath, do her hair with a pretty bow, give her fresh linens daily, breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, and they give her a total body massage with heat wrap every time they need a vein!" This new paradigm should do wonders when she goes in for a possible surgical "enhancement procedure" in about five weeks. I like to call it that since a "bladder lift" makes her sound much older than she actually is.

Hazel Jo's Intermountain Beauty & Health Spa for Children!

All kidding aside, we are grateful for this place and thankful for all who labor so diligently there for the good of our babies!

We know we will return and I am loving it more already! For now though, it is great to be home.


Sara said...

I love that you are calling it Hazel's Beauty and Health Spa! That is definitely making lemonade out of lemons!!

V and Co. said...

haahahaha! very nice!! i love it! instead of jake beind deployed he's emerging himself in a different culture and is on a trip trying to do humanitarian projects! :)

Laura said...

Either attitude or altitude. You can always blame any frustrations on the change in altitude. You know that can have a huge effect on everything!!! (Just trying to give you an out---we all need that sometimes!) That would get really tedious dealing with the "hospital routine" on a daily basis. I am just so glad everyone is home---even if it is a temporary reprieve.

Bonnie said...

Laura, altitude is a good takes me at least a week to get use to it every time I return from sea level.

Vanessa, love your are gettin' it, Sista! I betcha feel better already, right?

Miss Jen said...

this is great and when you think about it that way it almost sounds fun....emphasis on the almost!

Bonnie said...

Mind over matter, I guess. Love that baby and I think we can give her her own spa home...right?