Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Lazy Days of Summer!

Picnic Anyone?

I was just wondering how many of you are having a lazy summer filled with warm summer nights sitting outside chatting with friends and loved ones, lovely times at the pool, relaxing drives in the country, giving or attending someone's BBQ, relaxing on the chaise lounge with a favorite book in the shade as you sip a lemon aid , etc?

Empty Pools

I am having a hard time realizing it is the end of summer and Jim and I have not done one thing in the vein of fun summer activities that sustain us all through the winter as we daydream about them. Has life really changed that much or is it just us? I remember my parents would sit out in their lawn chairs almost every night in the summer. We would go on picnics and no one made potato salad and fried chicken like my mom. We would go swimming, hang out with friends, etc. Now I know that was when I was a kid and I saw things as a kid, but I do not remember life being so crazy for my parents either. We were human beings instead of human doings back then. The older I get the more I want to rebel against this life style we have that is so demanding and constantly on the go. The "To Do" list is like a never ending revolving door, scratch something off add something new. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Do you have to be 90 years old before this changes or is it just us? Don't get me wrong I want to be busy, anxiously engaged in a good cause, etc. I just want some time to breathe, hang out with friends, have a this too much to want for? We have five fun picnic tables in our backyard, a gorgeous waterfall that hasn't been on two times all summer, and chaise lounges that still have last years dust on them. Somethings gotta give!

Unoccupied Lawn Ornaments


Miss Jen said...

Amen baby! I have totally missed summer and I know it is going to throw off my whole holiday readiness plan that I usually have in place by now! Oh well!

laura.elizabeth said...

This is so funny because just today as I was preparing for yet another BBQ I thought, "I have never, EVER eaten so many hamburgers and hots dogs ans I have this summer. Honestly, we have a BBQ at least once a week, some times more. It has been crazy and fun. Of course, I wish they were picnics and BBQ's and pool parties with the family but...

So to answer your question mom, no you don't have to be 90 years old to enjoy the lazy days of summer, you just have to live in Naples where there is NOTHING else to do!