Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hazie J Update

OK, then here is the latest. Jen and Hazel are up at the PCMC and things are going OK so far. They took her off all her meds last night and took blood and stuff to start getting a baseline for today. They will closely monitor her while she is coming off the meds so they can try to find the source of the problem once and for all. This is a bit precarious as she is pretty fragile but I feel confident that she has the best medical experts doing all they can. That combined with numerous and fervent prayers and I think all will turn out OK in the end.

To add to the calamity around here, Lowell, fell and sprained his ankle yesterday so he was in the hospital until 2:00 am this morning getting x-rayed, wrapped, etc. I will spare you the details on that since he says his experience has revived his interest in doing his own blog post soon! Thanks to all who participated in helping with that.

The women and girls are holding strong and we will survive! "I am Woman, Hear me Roar!"

Lowell has gone up to the hospital to relieve Jen. He can be up there elevating his ankle and working on his laptop and then Jen can come home to shower, pack, etc. And then she will be taking me to the airport for a do-over later tonight. She will then go to the hospital again. Read and Mary Jane will return from Las Vegas tonight to care for the girls and I will come back on the weekend after I finish the house, if needed. For right this second things are doable and we are just trying to stay in the moment. Oprah would be so proud of us!

This photo was taken on the 4th of July outside at the PCMC as Jen and Lowell tried to catch some fireworks. It looks like Hazel is ready to be launched herself...this is her O2 tank in the wagon with her! Imagine hauling this around with you grocery shopping, etc. The portable one is a little smaller but you get the idea.


Laura said...

She is a heart stealer---I hope all goes well today for baby Hazel!

Sal Gal said...

Oh my goodness! PCMC again?! Poor baby and family! We'll be praying!

laura.elizabeth said...

Ahhhh! The plot thickens daily, doesn't it? I wish I could help! Everyone is in our prayers, Jen and Hazel, Lowell, the girls, you as you travel and work, Reed and Mary Jane as they travel and try to help out! When it rains it pours hu?

Ralphie said...

What a sweet picture of Hazel. Her long fingers are so elegant. And I adore the hair. Jen is right; you can just eat her up! Love to all. B