Sunday, July 27, 2008

Something's Missing

It seem like no matter where I am something, or rather someone is missing. I guess this just happens to a mother that has her family scattered all over creation, but I do long for the few days when everyone is together. I try not to be a "glass is half empty" kind of a person but I do get tired of always missing someone! Always saying good-bye this year it seems. I am so happy to be going home to Jim Bob, but will miss everyone here. I barely got to see Chris and Missy and their kids this time but I did for a little while when they stopped over the day we came back from the hospital. Jen and Lowell's two big girls are in Idaho with the their Stewart cousins so I only saw them twice for a few minutes. Chris is heading out for Asia soon and Robert to Africa and with Laura and the boys in Italy...geeesh, it is hard sometimes. But I love that they all have such happy, productive and good lives and that is great on all counts. When I realize that they are all doing exactly what we would want them to do, I know that my glass is not only full but running over. I just want them to know that if they are not near by we truly do miss them so much!

Saying good-bye to our good friend, Paul,
from Scotland and Chloe Jane!

This man is a special guy~so funny
so bright, and so much fun!

Lowell is such a good daddy!

Good-Bye Beanie!
We had to resort to taking our own goofy picture!

Good-bye to Grandma Mary Jane and Grandpa Read,
Lowell's sweet parents. We sure love them so much!

Until we meet again at Julia's baptism in September!


girlsmama said...

My mom always laments the fact that we are so far away. She is in So Cal. We have learned to cherish the time we are able to be together. I know that Jen has enjoyed having you here to support her and the girls. Jen is an amazing woman, now we know where she gets it! I hope your trip home is safe!

PS Does anyone else chuckle that really tall Lowell came from those two darling shorter people?

V and Co. said...

i love love love your picture with jen! too cute you should frame that one!

Ralphie said...

I love this post, Bonnie! I was actually only going to make a comment here to ask Lowell from what gene pool he got his height, and laughed out loud when I read girlsmama's comment.

Bonnie said...

I love the photo of Lowell and his parents. You do realize they are average to tall themselves but next to him they do look like shorter people. Lowell is 6' 8" so next to him just about everyone looks short. He is such an awesome guy and was an angel about putting up with me for week after week. Jim and I adore Lowell, he is just plain awesome!