Monday, July 14, 2008

Primary Photos ~1st Summer Trip 2008

True Love!

We Wanna Go Home!!!

Splish Splash Bath

Bumbo Seat Time

All is Well with Mama Near

Mommy's Sweet Girl

Grampa & Hazie

Chloe Really Missed Her Little Sister!

Piper Adores Hazie J

Tiny All Girl Toes!


Laura said...

I am so sad that Hazel is still struggling---I am still praying and hoping for resolution!!! I just LOVE the toenail polish. SO CUTE!

Gail Victoria said...

Love Love Love the Toes!!! That would make a great poster. Here's an idea. On each one of the girls write their names, facing out, and then take a picture of each foot and then incorporate all the toezz together for a poster! Jenny, Piper, Julia, Chloe & Hazel - five initials - five toes! It was meant to be!

Love you,

Aunt Gail

laura.elizabeth said...

Cute pictures! I love seeing Jen with her- thanks for posting these. And I am sorry but those toes definitely win a prize for the cutest toes in the family! How cute!