Monday, July 7, 2008

Deacons In Training

What is it about little boys and making weird faces while getting their picture taken? These are photos from Rossie's 6th birthday on July 3rd, in Teverola, Italia, pirated from Laura's post. As she says the two craziest looking faces are Spencer front left and Ross on the right. All of our grandsons are famous for this camera behavior except Owen and I am sure it is coming! You should see some of the crazy ones I have of Connor and Zach as well! The face making for boys seems universal like how all kids open Oreos and lick off the stuff.

They are so cute, trust me!

They just love to make these faces.

We have evidence from places all over Italy.

Whenever I see them I can't help but think~


I hope your birthday was awesome, Ross! It sure does look that way. I love the blog your mom does it makes it seem like we are all together..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR ROSSIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Now 7 then 8...climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and come home! Love to your whole family. We all miss you so much! Thanks for all your prayers for Hazel, Heavenly Father is listening~she is slowly getting better.


CA Poppy said...

The photos of Ross' birthday are fun to watch. Laura is creating wonderful memories for her family and your generous to share. We're thinking and praying for Hazel. I love you, Michelle

Laura said...

He is so cute!!! I love the funny faces!!!