Saturday, July 5, 2008

Playing Dress-Up

One day Jen went to the store to doll up Hazel!
We were all getting sick of just the diaper
and tubes and patches, etc.
Here she is all happy and fancy looking.
She is amazingly happy even while sick
unless the fever gets pretty high.
Is it any wonder the entire staff is in love?


Miss Jen said...

My sweet little sweet pea! I just love this little child! Dispite all the problems she is 1000X better than she was a week ago! We love you Hazel!

girlsmama said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! We will fast again tomorrow. Let me know if we can help with Chloe! She would be welcome to come spend some time with us. Hazel is looking beautiful!

laura.elizabeth said...

This is the cutest thing ever!! Where did you manage to find that shirt- it is perfect!! She looks so much better. I hope she is and I hope the doctors get to the bottom of this soon.

Laura said...

She is the most precious thing, no wonder all the staff is in love. She brings tears to my eyes with her sweetness and innocence----so beautiful and so hard to see her suffering!

Ralphie said...

I love that Jen dolled up Hazel. What a great way to add a little bit of normalcy to your roller coaster ride of stress and emotions. Hazel looks darling in that "sweet pea" t-shirt. She (and you) continues to be in my prayers. Big hug, Barbara