Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

We Have a PICC line in her right arm!!

Heading FOR HOME in the PCMC Wagon!

Good-Bye Yucky Green Pleather Chair/Bed

Good-Bye Metal Crib

Good Bye Depressing TV



Laura said...

She is SOOOOO precious! I am so happy you are all finally able to come home!!!! Fabulous news!!!! Love, Laura

Sal Gal said...

Oh hooray!!! Glad you get to go home! Hazel looks so cute and happy, what a sweet angel!

Jim said...

Our Little Hazel is sooo beautiful!!

I know you all must be overwhelmed with joy a t the chance to "Go Home"...especially with Hazie-jo in toe!! You can just feel the life that is back in her eyes and smile. I hope both of you two (Bon & Jen) look this happy.

My love to all the Stewarts/Mattsons at this very happy time...I only wish I could be there to share the joy and do the laundry!!

Hi Paul!! I am happy that you are there. Soak it in...renew.I will call some time during your stay and we can talk school teacher stuff.

My Bike Calls...Love to all!!

Love, Dad, Grandpa, Jim, Lover-Boy

girlsmama said...

Yay! I am so excited you got to come home! What a relief to be in familiar comfortable surroundings. We'll keep the prayers coming that the meds will do their job!

Ralphie said...

Soooooo happy for you all. Love the goodbye pics, Bon.