Friday, July 11, 2008

Independence Day

Favorites from last year!

We finally got home from our two week stay at the hospital so I was able to download some photos. On July 3rd Lowell came up to the hospital to stay will Hazie so Jen drove home and I came back on the 4th for the festivities at Chris and Missy's. The 4th of July is a big deal in Provo. They have the Stadium of Fire Program each year at BYU and this year Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana of Disney Channel fame) was a featured performer so all the little girls in the family were sad we didn't have tickets. (After the fact reviews assured us that not having ticket was OK!)

Early in the morning Jim & Chris took the kids to the hot air balloon launch. Julia and Piper were telling me they got chased by a big chili pepper balloon. Afterward they went to the Provo parade and craft faire that is held each year. Grampa was great to take the kids so Jen could rest and sleep.

That afternoon we went to Chris and Missy's and had a great barbecue and hopes of seeing the fireworks from their backyard. As it turned out, we didn't see the fireworks there as by 10:30 the kids were exhausted and nothing had started yet. We did see some still going off when we drove home that originated from places other than the stadium. Here are some photos of what we did do.

Cousins eating dinner!

Cousins after they discovered they were being photographed!

Christopher Andrew!

Missy and Owie~he has gotten so big so fast!
On the deck waiting for fireworks~It was not to be!

Chris and his scouts put up all the flags along
the neighborhood streets you see here.
They and other troops put these up several times a year all
over Provo for all to enjoy.
They will go up again on July 24 for Pioneer Day.
One of Chris's many duties at Scout Master in their ward.
He spent this entire week at Scout camp!

The flags looked so cool and were
a reminder of the freedoms we all enjoy!

Taking down the flags!

Their neighbor brought out some poppers, sparklers
and fireworks so all the kids gathered around for the fun!

The kids loved the fireworks!

The wind came up so out came the kites!

Chris spending lots of time repairing kites that
had crashed or gotten caught in the trees.

Connor flying his kite!

Aunt Jen was able to stay and eat dinner, and then she packed up some food for Uncle Lowell and headed back to the hospital.We all had a nice time and it was fun to see Chris and Missy and to have some of the cousins able to enjoy the day together. It was fantastic to have Grampa Jim with us for a few days too! Uncle Robert, Aunt Laura and Spencer and Ross had a fun celebration in Italy!


Sal Gal said...

You have a really cute family, especially the grandkids! :)

Bonnie said...

Thank you, Sally, I think so too!