Sunday, July 13, 2008

Timpanogos Cave~July 5th

In an attempt to keep things as normal as possible Jim and Lowell took the big girls to Timpanogos Cave after Lowell and I traded places for hospital duty. This was such a great mini reprieve for both the men and the girls. Both Lowell and Jim may edit this in any fashion they desire I just wanted to get the photos in so they wouldn't be so far out of sequence in the scheme of things.

I love pictures of Jim's happiness when
he is doing his favorite things~
loving his grandkids in his favorite places!

Fee Fi Foe Fum!
I love this photo because it is an optical illusion

of the way every little girl sees her Daddy~
Very very tall, and the great protector!

Indiana Jones?

Beautiful Jewel

Two awesome girls!

Gorgeous Piper!

In their element!

Too cute!

On the trail!


Jim said...

A great Day, with great people, at a great venue.
As we say..."It doesn't get any better than this"!!

Laura said...

I LOVE the pictures. SO beautiful! What a fun adventure! There is something so great about being with Daddy and Grandpa!

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow these pictures are awesome! Thanks for posting them. I miss those girls and I miss great American moments like hiking in the mountains. I can't wait for a day like this when we get back to the States.

Sara said...

Oh so beautiful! I am going to visit a friend in Provo for a week or so at the beginning of August and we have talked about going to the Timpanogos Cave...seeing how beautiful these pictures are we will definately go!

My family is doing well. My mom bought a new house on Friday (finally!)...she had been debating on buying and rebuilding. This house has been gutted and redone and it has everything she was looking for (and it is cheaper than building at the moment). When I was home in December, progress is still at a snails pace but slowly things are happening. I am sure it will be years until it is back to pre-Katrina. My mom did say tons of new business are opening up all the time so that is good. I am excited to see how much things have changed when I go home next, which will be in December.