Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hazel,Hazel, Hazel ~ Whatever Shall We Do?

It is 2:30 and things are going south again. Hazie's fever is now 101.3 and rising...they got a positive diagnosis of C-Dif which is an intestinal infection one gets while in the hospital usually. The C-Dif bacteria lives in all of us but when lots of antibiotics are introduced a flare up tends to occur. Our baby has had this before and it is definitely secondary to the original problem. It is highly contagious and now she cannot leave the room and all the health care workers have to gown up when entering the room. We have to wash our hands when entering and leaving~it is pure joy over here right now.

Anyway....so much for going home early.

We did go out last night to see Hancock during the sleep test. We both felt it was a little fun ~a little lame...we gave it a mediocre rating. While running some errands yesterday I did discover Steinmart and really loved it. I bought an outfit that is pretty fun. As I was heading back to the hospital, I was wondering if I'll ever be out of Primary's so I can wear it someplace? It was fun just to do something normal though. I'll have to send Jen over so she can do something ordinary for a change!

I did read The Last Lecture while I have been here. It was awesome and presented many true principles we all know from our life and church experiences.


Julie said...

I'm so sorry. I bet itr seems like every step forward ends up with two steps back. You are all in my prayers.

Lanette said...

Know that we're thinking of you and sending up many prayers for sweet Hazel and those who love her. There's nothing like the sick feeling in your stomach when a baby is ill. Hang in there - life will be hum drum again someday.

girlsmama said...

That is very disheartening. We'll keep praying for everyone. We'll pray that Dr.s will be led to the root cause and be able to help hazel.

CA Poppy said...

Oh Bonnie, I'm glad that you're there for Jen and Hazel. You're creating sweet memories of 'Glam Gram' serving her family. Good for you, to go to Steinmart-I really enjoy shopping there. Boy I wish I was there with you. My love and prayers,Michelle