Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bucket List

Last weekend Jim and I were talking about our bucket list. If you saw the movie, Bucket List, you know it is about two guys that met in a hospital as they both suffered from terminal illnesses. They had a list of things they wanted to check off their 'to do list' before they died. They had enough time to do quite a few of them with their time left and they did most of them together.

Several years ago Jim and took a class at Education Week at BYU about marriage in the "mature years." One of the things the professor said was that you should run out of life before you run out of plans. That really resonated with us as we had just watched his grandparents, sell their home and possessions and move from our town into a fancy retirement home in San Francisco. They were just weary of the work of keeping up their large home and wanted to enjoy San Francisco as they had as a young married couple. They gave up some of their most reinforcing life activities; gardening and cooking and entertaining. They were excellent at all of these. We all worried about their decision.

Is yours empty?

Both of them were in relatively good health and off they went. So at the retirement home they did not have to cook or clean or garden or do laundry or worry about anything but paying their monthly fees. Well, apparently God wasn't finished with them yet, and they soon realized they hated the place and they needed their life back.

They came back to our town, rented an apartment, bought all new furniture, and lived at least another 15 years or so. We have to have purpose and meaning in our lives or what is the point of getting up in the morning? We admired their ability to learn from their mistake, to come home and begin again. And we were so happy to have them back again!

The point is we all need to have plans, dreams and aspirations all of our lives and hopefully there should be some things left over still undone when we die. Not the other way around. It was suggested in our class that you should have a list of at least 100 things you want to do someday and keep adding to it.

So do you have a Bucket List? What is on it?
Here a few of the things on mine.

Fill your big bucket to the top!

1. Go to the New England states in the fall
of the year to enjoy autumn there with Jim.

2. Go to the southern seaboard states, especially the Carolinas to
visit some of the places I have read about like Savannah, Charleston, etc.
(All with Jim of course)

3. Take a car trip with Jim to Canada and return to Victoria one day.

4. Go to Austria~the birth place of many of the major composers. We
would also like to have at least one opportunity to fly Business Class
to Europe and not be so cramped in flight.

5. See the Palace of Versailles.

6. Live nearer to kids and grandkids.
We want to participate in their lives,

watch them grow up and make good choices and
be a help to them in anyway we can.
We want to see their children born too!

7. Read my mile long list of books,
keep improving my computer skills
and become a good photographer,
maybe even publish a book!

8. Continually learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and serve a full-time mission with Jim, maybe more than one.

9. See a Michael Ball Concert in England.
(Jim doesn't have to go if he doesn't want to!!
He will though, as he is a closet fan himself)

10. Work on being balanced, healthy, and
spiritually and mentally alert by keeping active.

I like the old saying that goes like this~
Fail to Plan~Plan to Fail.

Are you adding to your bucket list, staying interested in a variety of things that you want to do in your life time? I hope so! Chances are you will live longer and for sure you will be happier!

Never run out of plans before you run out of life!


BECKY said...

Hi Bon' I have a mental bucket list, but I know it is suppose to be written!!

Some of mine are:

Visit Italy
" New England
Take a watercolor class
See the Grand Canyon
Visit Alaska
Do more rock climbing
Rent or own a home on the water
Live to see my great grandchildren
Get and stay fit!!
Have some chickens and a large veggie garden

I could go on and on!!

Thanks for making me think of this!!

Nancy said...

Hey Bonnie!

I happened upon your blog not long ago and I'm such a fan! You did some design work for us in the last couple of years that was so great and helpful. I'm so calling you the next time I'm in need of more interior design! But, anyway, in the meantime we are temporarily away from the east bay while Scott is getting a graduate degree at BYU.

Thanks for posting this great idea! When Scott and I were engaged, our bishop had us compile a date list so that we never ran out of ideas of good things to do together. I treasure that list (still have it for memories sake) and your words reminded me that indeed, we (I) should create another one looking towards the future. Thanks for the prompting!

MCGROVER said...

Since the years are "creeping" up on all of us I suppose we think more of retirement. "Oh, for the time we can do what we want"; is ofter the cry. I too long for a little more free or leisure time, but with economy being what it is I suppose that is a ways off.

This issue is something we deal with daily after we reach the "age of possibility". We dream and make our "bucket lists" and hopefully we "never run out of plans before we run out of life!"

Thanks for this post. It brought this very important concern back to the front of my mind where it should be!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

This is a good post. Good things to think about. I just need to find my bucket...!

Bonnie said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. Nancy so nice for you to come out and leave a comment. I have thought of you often and your grand piano. Your room turned out so nicely and we fit it in didn't we? Hope you are enjoying the student life @ the Y. Our son Chris is a professor there in Mechanical Engineering. Love the school! Comment whenever you come by. Loved hearing from you! Anytime you need design help let me know.

Deanna said...

My bucket list.....do you have a Jumbo bucket to spare? I'm afraid to write it down...or type it up I should say...wow, you really have me thinking!

Marie said...

Great post Bonnie. I think we all have a bucket list. On mine is to spend a weekend in Paris, without having to worry about the expense of either the hotel or the food! I also want to go to Holland and see the tulips all in bloom! If you ever get over here to see Michael Ball you can stay here Bonnie! We have a spare room that is always going begging and we are only a few minutes from the train station in to London. A quick 40 minute trek takes you right into the centre of London and then a 5 minute tube ride gets you right into the West End. You can be oggling Michael within a very cool less than an hour! Oh, by the way, when I work all night it is packing for my boss when she is off on one of her many holidays. Today she is off to Corfu, returning on Monday and then another packing night for me Monday when she is off to American again on Tuesday, to Mobile. Why she has to do it all night defies even my understanding. :-o

laura.elizabeth said...

Great post Mom. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. For the last several years I have tucked my dreams, wishes, goals, bucket list away but I have recently felt a need to dust them off and start thinking about and living them again.

It is interesting to me how things change over time. Of course there are some dreams, goals, aspiration that never go away but others do. And looking back on how badly I thought I wanted this thing or that seem funny to me now.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder to start dreaming again.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
those are some good thoughts.
guess I better get busy making a list. Maybe I will suggest that to hubby when he gets home! ha
Maybe not, he hates lists, well,
hate might be a bit strong!!
I told my Jim not too long ago,
one day I was out trimming plants and I got to thinking about the
book that is out, think it is 100
places you have to see before you die, and I told Jimmy the neat thing about being a christian is that if I were to die today I would not feel like I missed anything, and I don't feel like there is anyplace I need to see or
anyplace I need to go.

But as I was reading your blog about your grandparents I think it
is a good thing to have a list of things cause I love planning things, even if it is just planning to move a room around or make a special dinner for someone.
It is like you say our life must have some purpose for getting up every day. I think one of the hardest parts of getting older is that a lot of our firsts are behind us. Our first child, our first house, our first job, etc.
In fact, my hubby said this morning we are experiencing a lot of new firsts lately,first new big tile in our bathroom, first new higher watersaver potty, first new hd 40" screen tv, (his fathers day
present, he is in his glory, and I am really enjoying it too, I have to say)and I said first blog
and we had a good laugh!!
Firsts are important and we have to grab all of them we can!!
So I am gonna get busy on that list. thanks for the inspiration
Love ya, Nellie