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A Simple Woman's Daybook~June 29, 2009

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So, For Today...Monday, June 29, 2009

Outside my window... it is cool and pleasant as the sun is rising. The past few days have been excessively hot but the nice thing about here is that it usually cools way down at night. This gives us a little grace period each day to get things done early before it gets too bad. We also have fog that rolls in off the coast about every three to four days bringing the temperature way down. Ah, gotta love that!

I am thinking...I should actually be getting things done for a breakfast I am having here this morning but I want to do this first.

From the learning room... I am learning that water rationing, and a flu pandemic are not fun at all. Trying to keep our family healthy (especially Hazel) and our yard alive are challenging things.

I am thankful for...a chance to see our friends from Canada this weekend and this morning.

From the kitchen...I can smell muffins baking.

I am wondering...When was the last time I actually baked something? Not my forte. I don't mind doing it I just don't want to eat the results!

I am nightgown.

I am reading...Ensign Conference Talks and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie
Society because who on earth can resist a title like that one? I'm also still waiting for my Amazon order, John Adams.

I am creating...Nothing at the moment although in the back of my mind is a design plan brewing for a home being staged in July.

I am praying, strength, and losing more weight.

I am hearing...the dryer and believe it or not, Michael Jackson singing "She's Outta My Life."

I am going...out to dinner tonight with the family to celebrate my brother, Steve's 60th birthday. Hard to imagine him that old. If you don't know my brother just think...Steve Martin.

My spiritual thoughts include...the beautiful lesson I heard yesterday about the hope of Christ~it was amazing.

Around the house...all is well~just need to do a little dusting and the usual morning routine today.

Today I miss...our grandson,
Ross, who called to remind us that he is turning 7 on Friday. Since he is in Italy and my birthday is Thursday, we actually do have the same birthday if I call him at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday. It will be the 2nd in the US and the 3rd in Italy at the same time. We have always called each other our birthday twins and he is definitely the best present I have ever received on my birthday! He and my brother Steve who came home from the hospital on my 2nd birthday.

I am hoping...for a week of peace after all the stuff in the news last week. Still weirded out by that Governor that went missing for five days supposedly on a hike. I told Jim he was no doubt off someplace with a girlfriend. Prophetic utterances by me! Not hard to do, how sadly typical and ordinary. We can only hope for more in our leaders.

I have been procrastinating....sorting and scanning huge boxes of photos.

One of my favorite things...writing this daybook each week. It is fun, centers my thinking for the beginning of a new week, and helps me keep a journal of everyday occurrences that will one day trigger great memories of living my life day by day.

A few plans for the rest of the week. Mailing something to people out of state, getting my hair cut, grocery shopping the cupboards are bare, preparing for Jen and Lowell's visit, getting a few fun things for our grandkids for their visit. We got a fun 8 foot by 30 inch deep pool already and some beach balls. Hoping it will keep them from falling in our pond~ a favorite grandchild activity.

Here is a picture and a thought I am sharing with you...

Chloe Jane meets summer head on!
We cannot wait for her and her sisters to get here on the July 6th.
We are having a "staycation" at home with them that week.


Shaun at Oak Den said...

Here's to a peaceful and enjoyable week!

Thanks for posting the like to Grandmother Wren for our daybooking.

Linda C said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook and that picture is priceless! So cute!!:)

Happy Monday!

Linda C

Sara said...

I love this photo of Chloe!! She should be the poster child for summer!

I am job hunting for a teaching job in the fall. I have been focusing on Houston, TX. I have been to 3 job fairs, but no leads. I have had a few interviews at the job fairs and one was promising, but the school has not had any openings. I have also applied in Utah and Alberqurque. I am now starting to panic a bit with a month left of summer. I recently applied to Long Beach - Reeves ES, where Spencer went, just posted an opening. Ocean Springs also has a 2nd grade opening. I also applied to several districts in Birmingham, Alabama and I am mailing my applications to Mobile, Al and to several districts in Louisiana today. Hopefully I will get a job! I know I need to be patience, but that is a virtue I am still working on!

My mom did not rebuild on her property. She bought a house a block north from where our house was. It is on the other side of the railroad tracks. Right now the property is just sitting there, but she will probably sell it one day.