Friday, June 19, 2009

His, Mine and Ours

No, this is not about children, it is about movies.

Do you find that you and your spouse have very different tastes in movies? Jim and I like some of the same movies but finding ones we both love its not an easy task. Lately however, we have been on a good roll and have seen several in row we like a lot. We are trying to keep that roll going so I was hoping you might be able to give us some suggestions. Here are the ones we have seen lately and enjoyed equally...some old, some new, some from Netflix, some from our own collection.

Australia, Girl With The Pearl Earring, Benjamin Button, Angels and Demons, A Good Woman, Rain Man, Bella, The Visitor, Star Trek, Up, Keeping Mum. So his parting words to me this morning were, "Find us a Good Movie for tonight!"

Help! He is not a big chick flicker and I am not a big noisy, violent, sci-fi lover, silly, or animation lover. We both like fun movies and dramas with a message. For him, love stories are OK if they are not too lame or terribly predictable. We do like English movies, period pieces, and historical movies. I just finished and LOVED John Adams (and ordered the book) but Jim does not like movies with a lot of discs. It takes too long to get through them for him watching only once a week.

I wish you could still go to an old fashioned drive-in movie without fearing for your life. It seems they are plagued with undesirables if they exist at all. Not good, but a sign of the times!


Shaun at Oak Den said...

We have one of the few functioning drive-ins in the country. It is only open on the week-ends through the summer, but it sure is a fun experience when we load up and go!

Good luck with finding a movie. We have the same sort of quandary...

Laura said...

How do you feel about Shakespeare? Nathan and I both like "Much Ado About Nothing" with Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, and Denzel Washington. A complicated romantic comedy.
We have it if you'd like to borrow it some time. :) Good luck!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Have missed you lately, saw that you stopped by but know things get
busy, so figured that was the case with you just getting back from your trip. Becky and I feel the same way about you, it is so neat
to find likeminded ladies that love the Lord, their husbands and the home. Most all love their children, but sometimes the other
areas seem to be lacking.
Yes, we are very excited Scott
made it to his first destination
well intact!! He was so cute this morning when I spoke with him. He was telling me what a great breakfast he had and how good it was and that he had 4 helpings!!
I was thinking man, this boy is
hungry!! ha
He did save some for Joey!! He also posted all his pics on facebook so we could see them.
They are beautiful and it was such
fun to see, now we are wishing we
had planned our vacation for the mountain instead of the beach.
Oh Well, maybe next year!!
Have a great weekend.
Blessings, Nellie
Happy Fathers day to your hubby!!

Marie said...

Oh how I miss Drive In's over here. I have many fond memories of going to them with my friends when I was a teenager. Todd has never been, as they didn't do them over here and he would love to go to one. I have a passion for old films and historical based films, musicals, true stories. Todd has a passion for cowboy movies, and thankfully also historical films, musicals and true stories. We meet in the middle on most and sometimes I suffer through a cowboy film for him and he suffers through an oldie for me! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
I used to sell home interiors years ago and really like their products altho I haven't seen any
of the products or been to a show in years. I forget if Jess is just a fan or used to sell it, think she used to sell it maybe too, it is been so long since we discussed it that I have forgotten.
That is where I learned most of my
decorating and floral arranging skills, and it was great buying things at wholesale. I could never make any money cause I was always giving everyone things at wholesale!! ha But it sure was a lot of fun!!
Hope you have a great weekend!
Did you ever decide on a movie???
Blessings girl, Nellie