Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guess Who's Two?

A Very Happy Birthday to Owen Today!

Precious Big Guy!

Eat Cake!

Is this not just so~ little boy?

Grampa in his glory!
He still likes his bottle for sleeping or at least
he did when he was here in April.

We Miss Our Boys! (and Girls too!)

The Transition and Changes from Babyhood Are Visible Now!

Here's Owen with Missy Last 4th of July Just barely 1

With Gramma Last May Just Before Turning 1

We love you, Owen! Have a beautiful and fun new year of learning and playing and becoming even more social. You are a wonderful little grand boy and we miss you!

With love, kisses and hugs,
XOXO and one to grow on XO
Grampa and Gramma


Connie said...

You guys are just the cutest grandparents! Your little ones are sure blessed--and so are you! :)

Happy birthday to your sweet little Owen.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Owen is adorable, and his parents
are cuties too. Am glad you are able to enjoy him as they grow so
That is funny that we are both cooking and cleaning for company.
I am getting close to being done with the cleaning. I am taking a break and going to cooking for awhile. I have a neck problem so
when I vacuum too much it can act
up, so I am pacing myself, probably have done too much already. but oh Well!!
Thought it was funny yall call walmart stuffmart too.
Will try to get that recipe on post
soon, maybe Friday hopefully or if possible sooner, but the next
few days are busy.
Good to hear from you hon.
Hope you have fun with your company
as well.
Blessings, Nellie

BECKY said...

Hi Bonnie!! You have some adorable grandkids, gal!! This one is just such the little man, isn't he??!! He certainly has made the jump from the baby look for sure!! So much fun, but I still wish them being squishy and lovey, and sweet would last a little longer, don't you??!!

You are a photogenic lady, too!! Great pics!!

Have a joyful Wednesday, sweet friend!!
Love 'n hugs,

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh my.....your little Owen is just as cute as a button!