Thursday, June 25, 2009

God's Plan~It's All Good

Here are the facts: Our little granddaughter, Hazie has spina bifada. She will never be able to walk with the medical technology we have today. Her legs are paralyzed. Nothing can be done to fix the nerve damage she sustained before she was born as of right now. Until further notice she will live her life in a wheelchair.

Thank heavens for wheelchairs! My mom lived in one for 12 years after brain surgery and without it her life would have been very dismal just lying in bed. But with her chair she could go and do most anything. What a blessing for her and for us. We didn't have to carry her everywhere like has been the case for so many in the history of the world. There are places today that still do not have wheelchairs. I learned to be so grateful for that chair. I am grateful Hazie can have her own someday too.

Here is the Hope for her Future: Of course there is always hope for Hazel's future. Medicine is advancing all the time and we cannot predict what will be discovered in the repairing of damaged nerves in the future. More importantly, her future is bright because of who she is and the circumstances of her birth. She's so beautiful inside and out. She is bright and lovely and funny and I know full of talents.

The best thing she has going for her are her amazing parents and sisters who will see to it that her life is full and rich and normal. What I love about Jen and Lowell the most, in the child-rearing department, is their desire to give all of their girls every opportunity for a great and full and promising life. They expose them to everything that is enriching and the girls thrive and prosper because of it. We received this photo yesterday and it brought a tear to my eye as I see evidence of this all the time. And this is why I love them so much!

Hazie swings!Hazie learns about wheels on her bike!

Hazie learns about gardening and growing and life!

Hazie has three kitties, a momma and
two kittens that are just her size!

Hazie's busy, rich life requires napping on the go!

Hazel Jo has a wonderful future ahead of her! There are many guarantees of this!
Here are the guarantees: Hazie has a wonderful loving family that surrounds and protects her as they do all the children in the family.

Her big sisters and best friends for life, Julia, Piper and Chloe
She has lot of fun times with them!

Julia making sure Hazie has
some fun at the playground too!

Chloe and Her Baby Halo

Hazie's Second Mommy~Piper!

3 generations celebrating Christmas with her!

Hazel is loved and prayed for all the time
in Italy
by her Aunt Laura and Uncle Robert
and her cousins Spencer and Ross.

She lives very near to Aunt Missy and Uncle Chris
Conner, Aynslee, Zach and Owen.
They are so sweet and kind to her,
Even little Owen watches out for her
and gives her cookies.

All her grandparents, aunts, uncles and
cousins on both sides of the family adore her!

Hazel is surrounded by lots of love!

In this picture you can see about half of the friends and family that watched her blow our her candle on her first birthday cake. There are many good friends behind her and many who could not be there but would have wanted to celebrate with all of us the first year of Baby Halo's life. At this point she had spent a good portion of her life in the hospital and we were all glad she was home for her birthday party!
Hazie has amazing medical staff and doctors
to care for her and they live
very close to one of the most prominent
children's hospitals in the world.

The very best thing that Hazel has is a family that loves the Lord and will teach her all about Him. Actually it may be just the opposite, she will teach us all about Him. He knows our little Hazel, He loves her and is her ultimate physician in all things. He has placed her in the exact family whom He has chosen to give her the best possible earth life and love she can get. What a sacred stewardship we have been given.

Joy unspeakable.
Undeniable Love!

Artist~Gregg Olson


Laura said...

So sweet and beautiful.

Deanna said...

there's no stopping Miss Hazie. She has a wonderful support system and all the love she needs that will sustain her all of her life.
I think about her everyday...she has taught me not to complain about anything healthwise. She doesn't know it yet but she has made me change a lot of things about myself since I've met you. So young and already she's made a difference in my life.

Deanna :D

BECKY said...

Oh Bonnie, How precious and what a loving picture of how much God cares for His little ones. She is surrounded on every side by His tender mercies, and richest blessings. What child could ask for more??
And of course, she has a wonderful loving Grandma in you!!

Praying God's best for Hazie and your family!!

Love and hugs,

Bonnie said...

From Facebook from Jen

"Hey mom! I loved the post on Hazie. She is such a little bundle of joy! I love that girl. I will probably need to swipe that post and use it on my blog."

Neabear said...

This is so beautiful!! I can tell Hazie is well loved by all of your family and probably by lots of others too. She is so cute and I love her smile!

The Hopkins said...

Beautiful post! Won't it be fun for Hazel to see it when she's a lovely young woman!

Sally said...

What a sweet post about a sweet baby girl!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
What a touching and uplifting post.
Hazie is adorable and look like a lil angel. You all have such a marvelous outlook which will cause Hazie to have a marvelous life.
My husband works with a man that has a 16 yrs. old daughter and I am
almost positive she has spina bifida. She has had many surgeries
but just got either a job or is volunteering at the hospital with people who have spent many years helping her. Isn't that neat!!
They were told she would not live long, and here she is 16. We don't know her personally but have
seen pics of her and she looks like
she would be a really sweet girl.
Her dad is a sweetheart, but I have never met her mom, but they have been wonderful parents as well. But from the little we know she seems to lead a pretty normal life.
Thanks for sharing about Hazie we
will sure be praying for her.
Thanks for your sweet comments on
my poem and pics, I was pleased with how it turned out!!
I think we might be the only people
on the planet who don't have cable!! ha I suspect it is probably for the same reasons.
that is funny that you and your Jim
think a B&B would be fun to run too.The folks we know that do it are the warmest friendlies people you would every want to meet, and they really go out of their way to make their people happy. They actually leave milk, orange juice,
bread, butter and frut in the fridge for them, and little boxes of cereal. I think that is great!
and if they are not busy they try to cater to whatever they want for breakfast. I would say that is above and beyond. but that is the
type of folks they are, very thoughtful!!
Now I am writing a book, better go
So have a nice weekend.
Blessings, nellie

Connie said...

What a precious post, Bon....You really are amazing.

Love you!

Nancy said...

What an inspirational girl and how heartwarming to hear about such a supportive family!

Marie said...

What a little sweetie pie. I can remember when I first found out my eldest daughter was developmentally handicapped. My heart broke and for a time I cried every day thinking about all the things she would never be able to do. But with time I began to be inspired by all the things that she could do and did do. I thank God every day for having given her to me. She's been one of my life's greatest joys and blessings!

laura.elizabeth said...

Awesome Post Mom. I love that little girl and i agree that she is blessed with the best parents and sister on earth. Hazel has touched our lives in so many ways and I pray we can get back to Utah for our next tour so we can be there to love her and help her. When I think about being so far away and missing so much of every ones lives- it literally breaks my heart. That is why I can't think about it (directly anyway) very often. Anyway- thanks for sharing the photos and you thoughts.