Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

OK a few words...
Owen, our youngest grandson eating his Birthday Cupcake
~Age 2!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Just wrote a long thing and for some reason it shut down. oh well,
here goes again.
Thanks for all you wrote yesterday
I couldn't agree with you more.
Don't worry about being long winded
I loved it, after all I am long winded too girl!!
When you were talking about flying it made me remember this precious
saint that was in the nursing home
with my maternal grandmother, I flew out to Texas to see my grandmother one fall
anyway, I happened to have a few conversations with this lady and the day I was leaving I went over to say goodbye to her, and she said to me " I will pray that the Lord has His angels fly on the wings of your plane". I was so struck by that poignant statement
and it made me feel so safe, and also made me sort of have that pic
in my mind. Every since then I always ask the Lord to ride on the wings of the plane or the fenders of the car. She was a cutie!!
I have never had a fear of flying
because I have been flying since I
was 3 yrs. old alone, back and forth between my mom and dad, as they were divorced and lived at opposite ends of the state of Florida. Even tho I didn't have a fear of flying a emotional wound was there to the point that just
being in an airport would make me
want to cry and then it finally escalated to me crying and not being able to control it, but I never understood it for along time. Anyway, the Lord finally showed me one day that It was to do with the flying it brought up old, sad, buried, and painful memories that were left over for years, that I never really knew existed.
Anyway, He set me free!! He is amazing!! Glad He set you free too, that is neat you can sleep thru a flight now. Isn't He so good.

Thanks to for all your kind comments about my decorating.
I love having our bedroom as a haven I feel it is important too.
When I was younger it used to be a
dumping ground to some extent but
I have learned!! ha

Oh yea, I knew there was something I wrote in the comments I lost.
It was how cute is your grandson,
what a precious pic and what a precious and beautiful lil boy.
Bet you are loving up on him to say the least.
Have a great evening and come over
and be long winded anytime.
Cause I loved it.
Have a great day hon,
Love ya, Nellie

Marie said...

Oh what a sweetie pie!! ADORABLE!