Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The City By The Bay

The Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most photographed places on earth!

It is no secret that Jim and love San Francisco. I think there are many reasons, one of them is that we lived there as newlyweds for two years. In the City everything is exciting. The buzz, the hustle and bustle of daily life is like no other place we have ever lived including Las Vegas. There is just something special for us in San Francisco.

Although we stayed in Marin county at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael, we spent quite a bit of time in San Francisco. We started there on Saturday morning by going to the Ferry Building farmer's market and having breakfast out on the pier. That is such a fun thing to do on a Saturday morning and there were a ton of people there enjoying it all when we arrived at 8:45.

We enjoyed taking photos at the immense market and here are a couple of our favorites.

The wharf is always loaded with birds and I saw this little blackbird...I snapped this photo in memory of Kenny Rankin and then this seagull came right over to me on the railing in front of where we were sitting. He stayed and posed for many shots..they are extremely tame.

Kenny's Blackbird

Another thing we did on Saturday was we went to some garage sales. We love our Tom Tom~Go and we put in some addresses we found on and it was really fun. We didn't buy anything but we met some neat people and we really loved the little neighborhoods with their cute row houses. Even in this economy the houses like this go for about a million dollars. We picked up fliers for several of them. We saw some places in San Francisco we had never seen before.

I thought this one was painted in a very unique way and it looked so cute with the flowers in front. We also visited the warehouse district looking at bathroom fixtures and shower units, sinks, etc. as we are beginning to design our new bathroom. That was fun and we found some great prices too. On the way there we ran into some very interesting street signs so we stopped to take photos.

Jennifer's Mission~Christopher's Mission

Laura's Mission~Christopher's Mission
We thought this was pretty weird!


Neabear said...

We know someone who jumped off the bridge in 2004 and did not survive. A very shocking and sad time for us. I tell you, it was very strange to drive over the bridge the first time after that happened. It is much easier now, but I still think of him everytime we do drive over it, which is not often these days. Enjoyed the rest of the post. Colorful houses in SF. We have not been to SF in while. We should sometime. And take the ferry over. We enjoy taking the ferry over there. Very relaxing. Naples, Florida is where my son lived when he first moved there 9 years ago tomorrow.

Shaun at Oak Den said...

*sigh* I miss northern California

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Again,
that was so neat that all those sign were connected with your children's missions. I am assuming that is why they are all
living overseas cause they are all
missionaries??? Wow, that is amazingly wonderful. Course, I know it is also very hard for you and for them I am sure to live so far away, but it is like you said
thank God we can email and talk on the phone and text and all that stuff, whereas years ago, there was nothing, so it truly is a blessing.
Have a good one, I am going to be now. I'll finish reading tomorrow.
We will be hearing from our son tomorrow via phone since he will be
to the next town, finally!! PTL
I'll let you know what happens.
We are very excited to hear from him!!
Blessings, Nellie