Friday, June 26, 2009

Deleted Post~Friday Night Plight

I did a post this afternoon asking for opinion for movies again. I was thinking about Frost/Nixon but then discovered after publishing it that it is R-rated. We don't do R-rated so no need to respond on that if you read it on Google Reader. Actually you can't respond anyway, as you have to go to the actual post and I deleted it. It is hard to find decent movies anymore...bummer! We'll watch a moldy oldie from our own collection that we haven't seen for a long time. Maybe Crouching Tigers Dancing Dragons or whatever it is...Happy Friday Night to you all!


Connie said...

Maybe we have something that you guys don't have....the Lowder library is open for business 24/7 and we'd love to loan you anything we have. :)

Marie said...

I have a funny story abut Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragons . . . we went to see it a few years ago, with a some friends of ours on the say so of their son, who had deemed it brilliant. It was in an old style theatre so the seats were all pretty level and the theatre was packed. Good sign we all thought. was horrible. It was all in chinese and we could not see the subtitles so we had no idea at all of what was going on. In face to see at all, I had to scrunch myself over and try to squeeze my sight between two very fat heads, crook in neck time. Anyways, we sat there thinking if it weren't for Audrey and Peter, we'd get up and leave. They sat there thinking, if it weren't for Marie and Todd we'd get up and leave, and the four of us suffered through the whole thing wishing we were someplace else!