Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Delights & the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Sue, Michelle M, Michelle S, Lanette and Faye

Sue, Bon, Michelle M, Michelle S, Lanette, Con
Connie we are glad you could stop by!
Barb we missed you!

( All grandmothers but one...
Changing the image of grandmothers...forever!)
No white hair and rockers for this bunch!

This morning we had an impromptu welcome home breakfast for our dear friend, Michelle S. Michelle and her family moved to Canada about 18 months ago and we have all missed her so much! We have kept in touch via the blogs but it is so much nicer to have her here for fun times and real hugs. So Lanette and I decided to host a little get together with her and a few of her many friends this morning. Everyone brought a little something and this is what we came up with:

Our Menu:
I prepared~ Steel Cut Oatmeal
with Blueberries,
Brown Sugar and Chocolate Chips and
Honey Sesame Seed Almonds as toppings.

No one had ever tried the chocolate chips and oatmeal...
but hey..worth a try, right? It's Chocolate!

(I don't know if anyone actually tried the chocolate chips on the oatmeal but I did eat a few
sans oatmeal, when I was doing the dishes!)

Bran Muffins and Sparkling Cider
A Scrumptious Egg Dish was created by Faye

A Delicious Vegetable Frittata by Michelle M.

A Beautiful Fruit Tray by Lanette

And some Fresh Picked Bing Cherries from Sue.

Not really the best photos of these lovely ladies but
this is where we ate. The trumpet vine was
casting lots of shadows

but it truly was a gorgeous morning to hang out
and relax
and eat outside.

Jim was so sweet to get up early and start the waterfall above the
pond for us and I love that sound of the rushing water~so peaceful.

It was wonderful to be together with these life long friends...
Friendships like these cannot be underestimated!
I love you all, dear friends!
We have a dream to all meet up in NYC for a girls' weekend
and some plays, great restaurants and sight-seeing.
We better make it least a 3-dayer!
Time to start saving our pennies!


Bonnie said...

Lanette e-mailed...

Thanks Bonnie - the morning was perfect!! It's good to be reminded of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. As I was walking over I thought - "I love my life!"

BECKY said...

Aaww, Bon', sounds like such a blessed time together. And I love the things that happen and cause us to stop and appreciate the richness of life!!

I love my life, too. I am a truly blessed woman, and thank God constantly for all He has given me!

May your week be just a wonderful afterglow of this special time with your lovely friends!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful group you all make! I hope to have these kind of pictures over the years with my dear friends too!

Deanna said...

Hi Bon!

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July 1st - Baby Photo
July 2nd - Movie Star Party
Official Guest List Posted at Timeless Things.
See You There!!
Deanna :D

Shaun at Oak Den said...

What a lovely time for your Sisterhood to have together! I also have a group of girlfriends and we call ourselves the Ya-Ya Sisters! Girlfriends are wonderful.

Bellamere Cottage said...

Hi Bonnie!

Nothing like getting together with friends! And, how lovely you have a group in looks like you had a wonderful time catching up.


Connie said...

It was a beautiful and fun morning-- so sorry I couldn't stay longer! But as you can see by the photo, I REALLY needed that haircut! :) I should have known better than to show up at your party without making myself look at least somewhat presentable....I should have known there would be pictures! I've decided that my roll that morning was to make everyone else look better. Mission Accomplished! :)

Bonnie said...

Connie I think the photo of you is one of the cutest. You look thin and young and healthy and happy. What else is there, Con? I hope you are not mad at me...I think you are a doll!

Faye said...

Bonnie - It was a wonderful get together! It is a great blessing to have long time friends. I was telling my daughter about how fun it was and my big question was - "Why don't we do this a lot more often?!" We'll have to work on that. So glad Michelle Simpson gave us the reason to all get together this week. Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess!

mandy* said...

Looks like so much fun!!!! It makes me want to have a "girlfriends morning!!"

Mommy Bethy said...

ummm...we have not been to your house in so long, the kitchen looks FABULOUS!!!!

CA Poppy said...

Just got back to Ft Mac. Your place with friends was the therapy I needed. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! love Michelle.