Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What the ........?

In the last week or so I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond and I saw this item and it's about the dumbest thing I have seen for sale in a long time. I have to ask you, would you actually buy this?This is the Rachael Ray Garbage Bowl if you have missed it. This is touted as THE thing to have so that you do not have to go back and forth to your garbage while cooking, slicing and dicing, etc. Does LAZY come to mind here, perchance? You can have one for just $19.99 and Amazon has some used ones...(no kidding!)

It is really hideous looking and reminds me of that orange form padding you see around with specks or chunks of other colors like dark blue. That alone was a total turn off~it looks like some kinda garbage all right.

But how totally absurd to buy a garbage bowl when we all have regular bowls in our cupboards. To me this is dumber than cell phone charms and that is going some. I guess if you have a well- known name it is worth a try but....really, Rachel!

Let us all be wise consumers and use one of the dozen bowls we all have sitting in our cupboards already or travel the six inches to the garbage pail. Yikes, is all I can say! Is this pretty ridiculous or am I missing something here?

The thing that annoys me most is every time I go to cut, slice or dice something ~ I think of this stupid item that I only laid eyes on once! If I were Rachael Ray, I would not like to be remembered for this!


mandy* said...

You are completely correct...that is pretty dumb!

Connie said...

I love it!!! You are RIGHT on, my friend! :) Like any sane person would go pay $20 for a bowl to put your junk in....Honestly. And if anyone DOES want one, tell them to give me a call....I can fix them right up for a significantly lower price. :)

See you in the morning! :)

Shelli said...

Um ... I have one.

Shelli said...

Just kidding, Bon. :)

Neabear said...

A garbage bowl I would not buy. I can use an old bowl I already have. Or an empty milk container or something like that. Which is what I have done in the past. You are right, this is crazy. Hope all is well with you. Sorry I have not visited in awhile. My craft blog might enlighten you as to what I have been up to these days. Getting ready for a short trip too.

Take care, Linnea

oh...where was your header picture taken? Is it around the Bay Area somewhere?

Marie said...

duh! You're too right, not only a waste of money but pretty ugly to boot!

Neabear said...

Thanks for your visit! Now I see your blurb. Guess I was too tired to notice it last night considering how late I left that comment. LOL! You live on a pretty street/road indeed. Not getting much sleep, here I am up early again this morning. Wanted to do today's Wednesday post on my craft blog before going to work. So I guess that means you will need to come back and see what else I am doing. Heehee. Have a great day!

Deanna said...

Instead of pulling out my wallet and plunking down my plastic near my laptop in order to purchase a garbage bowl from Amazon...I just walk over to my pantry, grab a hold of my exquistely lined trash can and swing it around to the counter where I so expertly toss potato skins, apple core and what-not into it's bowels. Works like a charm everytime!

Deanna :D