Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marin~The Other Side of Heaven

We spent quite a bit of time on the north side of San Francisco. Our first stop is always the first turn off into Sausalito or Fort Baker where you can get some magnificent photos of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. On a clear day you can practically see forever out here. We got a winner day for sure.

The air was crisp and cool and the sail boats were gorgeous out there! It is hard to imagine how that many people can have that much money and still have enough leisure time to enjoy their toys, etc. Something does not compute, but more power to 'em! You cannot see it from here but there were hundreds of gianormous sail boats and yachts out over the weekend.

We explored the town of Novato and did a little fun shopping there, we enjoyed the Marin Headlands, we went to an Art Festival, took naps and saw two movies, and ate a lot of seafood at these great restaurants...

This is our new favorite restaurant in San Rafael called The Seafood Peddler and it was amazing! They have received this award and it is well-deserved.

We also went to this restaurant in Bodega Bay. It is called Chiappino's. We sat on the patio and looked out at this......

and ate this among other things!

We saw this and it could not have been more perfect for an anniversary date for two old fogies that fell in love as kids and have been married 41 years! We could totally relate to the relationship and the decrepit state of affairs in the later years. All the creaking and moaning and aches and pains were cute in a masochistic sort of way. We also saw this.......

And found it enjoyable, albeit a little confusing.
Or were we just exhausted??

We did plenty of this ~ although only once on the picnic table at the beach!
The resting was great because you all know Jim ran my legs off the rest of the time.

I know for some of you it is hard to imagine Jim in the horizontal
position ever, but he does rest occasionally...for 15 minutes only though.
Seriously, he sets his watch! What....doesn't everyone?


Marie said...

Looks like you had a completely wonderful time together! So glad you took us with you! XXOO

Bonnie said...

I am glad you enjoyed it, Marie I know most people probably aren't that interested in the blow by blow account of it all but, I am doing my journal while I blog. Someday when I can't remember what I ate for may jog my memory of pleasant days gone by!

CA Poppy said...

What a great trip and so close by
~ we'll have to go to some of those places when we're there.You should do a piece for the "Travel Channel".

mandy* said...

Mark and I want to see Up so badly! It looks super cute!! It looks like your trip was very fun.

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow, I am so glad you had a weekend away. What a refreshing wonderful thing. The pictures are amazing and make me miss home and family so much! I can't believe dad is wearing a long sleeve black shirt in that picture. It is midnight- I am wearing a thin sun dress and I am sweating like a pig. It is just not fair I tell you! I love for San Fransisco summers!