Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Bafflement

I didn't Eat Much, I didn't Sleep Much, but I couldn't think of anything to blog about either! Complete Bafflement...if that is even a word?? It took 18 months for me to come up with my own form of a Wordless Wednesday. And I waited until the eleventh hour to make sure is was for real. It was...I am speechless.


Marie said...

haha Bonnie, the words will come back. Sometimes just blogging about not being able to blog is entertainment enough! xxoo

CA Poppy said...

Thank goodness it's only for a brief moment. Your place looks so great! The pics of Jim and Dave ar e the best.

Deanna said...

Oh dearest...what am I going to do with you? LOL! Many a day I start a post only to remove it because I didn't have anything to say. Then I laugh...really hard. LOL!

Deanna :D