Monday, June 8, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook~June 8, 2009

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So, For Today...Monday, June 8, 2009

Outside my is daybreak and it is going to be a beautiful breezy day. The bird are chirping and singing like crazy and everything seems fresh and new. I love mornings! The weather has been perfect, not too hot~ not too cold...just right.

I am thinking...about our daughter, Jen, and her family coming to visit us next month and am feeling excited about it. Hazel's health has prevented this since she was born in Sept 0f 2007. It is so nice they can come for a vacation and that they are bringing one of the sweetest, nicest funniest, family friends with them. Paul is from Scotland and we could listen to him speak for hours on end...and will when they all arrive in July. It will be so great to have them all here and for Hazie to visit her grandparents for the very first time. I think we'll spoil her, what do you think?

From the learning room...I am learning that all things come in their own good time and seasons. Patience is a virtue and tenacity pays off big dividends eventually.

I am thankful for...all the good people and things in my life and realize they all come from God and his tender mercies to his children. I am thankful for connecting with an old friend over the weekend and for another dear friend that is celebrating his birthday today Happy Birthday Hughbe!!

From the kitchen...I did a lot of food preparations last week and over the weekend so we are set for healthy eating and living this week.

I am wondering...if all I am doing in the kitchen will pay off at the scale??

I am white jammies.

I am reading...nothing huge right now. I did not start a new book last week...too busy! I have to find something though as we are going away for three days soon and I must have a good book going. Any suggestions?

I am hearing...Julie Delpy's "Let me Sing You a Waltz"from my favorites playlist on iTunes.

I am praying for...Health for the family, especially Hazie, and for a friend who has been called back after a mammogram for further testing tomorrow. She is terrified and I do not blame her. I am hoping to take her to her appointment tomorrow if she'll let me.

I am the Social Security Office to apply for retirement benefits today..{{shuddering}} at the thought that the big 60 plus 2 is happening July 2nd. My friend who will be doing the same in August and I decided to apply now...who knows what will be happening for SS in four more years??

My spiritual thoughts thankful I am for the Gospel Plan of Jesus Christ in my life. I am amazed at how it colors and shapes all that we do. It is a wonderful way to live and hope and believe.

Around the house...I feel happy and content and eager to meet the day.

Today I miss...our sweet son, Chris. It seems once a son gets married and busy it is harder to connect. He has so many responsibilities and things to do and is such a hard worker and good family man. He is one of my heroes and I want him to know that! With daughters it is different as you can catch them during the day, but with sons it is harder..there are only a few times during any given day when they are home and not busy with dinner, getting kids in bed, spending a minute with their wives and then falling in bed. I miss the simpler times with Chris. We could not have a finer son...he is the best!

I have been procrastinating.....
making definite plans for our mini trip until this week when things seem less hectic, right now anyway.

One of my favorite things...Getting away from it all with my hubby for a few days. It is just so wonderful to have a change of pace and uninterrupted time together. It seems weird that we have to go away from home to get it, but we do.

A few plans for the rest of the week..Getting cupboard doors on in the kitchen TONIGHT! Except for painting the new door to the patio with the final top coat that is it for the remodeled kitchen. A moment of silence seems appropriate! Whew. Can't see much beyond that right now.

Here is a picture and a thought I am sharing with you...

I just took this photo yesterday and put it in my last post but I wanted to share my thoughts on it. First of all, I heart taking pictures. Photography is just so amazing and I want to get better at it soon. I love this because it reminded me of how, when I was a little girl, I use to see butterflies and dragonflies all the time. Now, unfortunately not so much.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a Monarch or a dragonfly for that matter. Is it me or do they seems less plentiful now? I am wondering if they truly are less prevalent or I am just more preoccupied with other things? Somehow, I am hoping it is neither one of those options. What is your take on this?


Barbara said...

Beautiful post and picture! There is no end to your talents.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
You were asking about a good book.
I can recommend one that I think every believer in their 40, 50, or 60's should read, It is called
"Lost in the Middle" Midlife and the grace of God by Paul David Tripp. It was a very good read, in fact, I read it twice it was so
helpful and grounding.
Love your bougainvilla and bfly pics. Don't you just love both!!
I do. I have 3 bougainvillas,
2 hotpink and 1 light pink, I rec'd from my son for my birthday.
Well, have a good evening hon,
Eat something grand in your new kitchen for me.
Blessings, Nellie