Sunday, April 24, 2011

In His Holy Name

Truth is truth whether people believe it or not. I add my testimony to that of President Monson's because I know through the Holy Ghost that these things are true. We can all have that witness, if we but ask and seek.

I cannot help thinking what a different world this would be if more people were seeking Him. Until then, we Christians must be the leaven in this world to help it rise above what is going on today. By sharing His light in all circumstances with those around us we can help build His kingdom and change the world for good. If they see we have something worth pursuing, they will be lifted up to ask and seek and all will be edified. May your commemoration of Easter be one of increased understanding and testimony, is my prayer today.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Amen Bonnie,
I know and believe it is all true as well. What a savior and Lord we have,
and what power and hope we have available to us because of the price He paid!
Bless His Holy Name!

Love ya Hon,

Marie said...

This world would surely be a wonderful place had everyone the testimony we have Bonnie! I am very grateful for mine. It is life changing. I love the video and I love the piece of artwork in your piece below. I love the Saviour as you do. It is a wonderful thing to have this knowledge and to hold these truths in our hearts. XXOO