Sunday, April 17, 2011

Precious Girls, Their Dog and the Sea

Molly, JoJo and the Sea!

One of the two long days we spent in the City we took the kids to the beach to walk around. The first two photos below are from that day. The big square building in the background is The Cliff House a very old and famous San Francisco Restaurant. We have actually never been there but are putting it on our to-do list immediately! We have been talking about doing it for years now.

So the kids were pleading to go back and actually play at the beach so Saturday Jen and I took them to get buckets and shovels and beach hats. Gotta love the 99 cent store, right?

Here's Hazie in hers!

But then she liked the bucket too!


I stayed home to catch up on a few things,
(OK...a little R&R)
I am not a fan of actually being on a beach
although I do think they are pretty.

If you have bothersome knees
it can be painful to actually walk on sand.

So Jim and Jen braved the beach without me.
Jim said the weather was perfect.
We borrowed the backpack, what a lifesaver!

JoJo had to feel the waves on her little toes!

Actually they all did!

Our little stair steps

Chloe Jo ~ always so busy!

Oh, how we do love these precious girls!

The sea air does wonders for nap time!
All done!


Marie said...

What wonderful pictures Bonnie. It looks like you are all having a fabulous time and getting the most out of the time you have to spend together!! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

What a wonderful day! I wonder how cold the water was(?) I won't go in the water here in Florida if it's the least bit "cold!" Probably what I think is cold would be warm to you! Ha!

Looks like Hazie had a great day too!

Love to you and yours,

laura.elizabeth said...

I love the beaches in CA though I must admit looking at Chloe in a bathing suit at this time of year made me cold. I am sure she loved it though, just like Ross would have. I love the picture of Hazel napping too. That how you know it was a successful day!