Friday, April 8, 2011

Twin Brothers of Different Mothers


As you know I often write about the earth defying differences between men and women. This is one of those posts. It is about a couple of apples giggling over a couple of oranges.

Last week I got an email with photos in it from Lee. Dave and Jim have been working for months on building Dave a very nice workshop in his backyard. They have spent nearly every Wednesday night and Saturday together building, hanging windows, doing the electrical, wallboard, etc. and loving every minute of it. So last week it was finally time to paint.

Yep, this is the get-up they wore to paint the shop. Huh? As I looked through these photos, I bit down on my lips really hard so I wouldn't laugh, then I just started to giggle and then I just kinda lost it altogether.

I love these two with all my heart and soul, but they can be just a tad bit weird ah, different from time to time. This is one of their escapades that really tickled me. In the middle of that night I woke up and all these funny thoughts were going through my head to caption these photos. I had to get up and write them down. So, here we go......

"Overkill? Are you kidding me,
some people just don't get it, my Brother!"

"Hey man, do you think these come in different colors?"

She said, "You spent your hard earned money on that?"
He said, "Oh no, I've had it!"
She said, " Ooooh, (she winks)
somehow that one slipped by me in the wash!"

Speaking of wash...
"Dave, what laundry detergent do you use?
My suit looks pretty dingy and grimy next to yours."
I hate it when your stuff is better than my stuff!"

"Jim, I cannot believe your rubber bands do not even match!"
"Yeah, and we all know who will have something to say about that!"

"Ya know, these are not quite as {{hot}} as our
matching biking outfits
but they are bound to turn a few heads!"

"Spare the outfit, spoil the fun!"

"OH NO!!"

" Whatup, Bro? "

"My nose itches and I really gotta GO!"

Lee will kill me if I traipse through the house!
Next we gotta plant some mature, tall, bushy bushes."

"We're almost ready,
the moment we've been
working up to for months!
Outfits on....check.
Compressor ready....check.
Paint ready.....
OK, plugger in!"

"One thing is for sure, Dave,
it doesn't get any better than this!"

No kidding, man!"

"What on earth? You cannot be is dribbling outta here."


Short of sponge painting..."What are we going to do?"

" Hmmmmm, Hey, Dave?"

" Yeah?"

"Got any brushes and rollers?"

" Heck no, we've come this far and
invested this much, let's just fix it!"

"OK, makes perfect sense to me."

I don't think baptizing the part in
paint was part of the plan!

Hours pass...finally done.

She said, "Glad to see you re-purposed
the Walmart bags as shoe covers,
two less things to 'air out' at home!"

"There isn't anything we can't fix, Dave."

" No kiddin'! We are builder rock stars!"

"There is just one thing that baffles me....

Now I have hazmat head,

paint somehow slipped under my mask
and goggles and glasses!

I have paint on the bridge of my nose and
my five o'clock shadow is snow white.

And the real killer, I got PAINT on my best shirt!
I've babied it since college,
I'll never find another swine colored shirt again!

" The only thing is, this sure did beat the old,
tiresome brush and roller way."

"Amen, to that my Brother!"

The Apples said, "Don't worry Oranges..
Latex is water soluble!"

We you guys,
you make life interesting
and you get the jobs done.
Yay for you!



Bonnie said...
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lizzilee said...

Good Job Bon! You said it all, these two are unbeatable in all aspects. It's fun watching them and hard to keep my mouth shut. They crack me up. Can't wait till it's your turn! Thanks for letting Jim come, Dave loves him lots. And I love you too. Lee

Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, how funny! I love watching men work together. It's amazing to me and incredibly amusing! My Todd is sooooooo unhandy. It boggles the mind. He's really good at organizing and administration though! Loved this. Thanks for getting my Saturday off to a good start!! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

We women have some easier ways to paint...and less expensive.

Mom always liked white walls. When she passed away to GLORY, I decided to take a couple of days and paint my walls a different decor. The contraption I used looked like a "Swiffer Jet Mop!" I just poured in the paint, lifted, put it against the wall, squeezed the handle and began "mopping" up and down the wall! One coat was enough and each fill of the "mop" went a long way! The exercise could be considered a substitue for the 5 pounds of potatoes, lol!

No drip clothes, no edging, no mess, no fumes, no paint on me anywhere and I did my whole living/dining room in a couple of hours. The hallway and foyer were done in less time! The only thing I did have to do by "hand" was the painting next to the ceiling (I guess that's edging, I had none to do around the baseboards or door moldings, the paint jet fit right against it!)

I was so proud of myself. Newly painted walls in 2 days!!

But, I guess you could ask, "Where's the fun in not getting it all over the place the way the guys do it, lol!"

Love to you all,

BECKY said...

This is absolutely adorable, Bon! Love your sense of humor and love thinking of you laying in bed with captions running through your head!!

You made my night with this one, gal! What a pair they are! Love that first photo, too!
Hope you have a great week, sweetie!
Love and hugs,