Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Room Resdesign

Potential visitors and house guests, rejoice. We have done a little re-do in our guest room. We got rid of our double bed and you now may sleep more comfortably and more soundly in our lovely Queen with its, pillow top and memory foam mattress. I am feeling a need to apologize for the bed you have heretofore been subjected to. So sorry! But now I think you will find your stay most comfy.

I kept a lot of the things that had been in the room and kept the bed on a diagonal. The diagonal gives you the most feet to work with in a room. Also I do not want the bed in front of either window so if almost has to go this way anyway. The cottage was constructed before queen and king bed were even thought of as possibilities.

We did however find a new headboard via Craigslist for a real bargain and it was in perfect condition. It is an iron bed with a burnished brass finish so it looks great with the dark furniture in this room. We purposely did not get a foot board as it can cramp Lowell's 6'8" frame if there is one. I rearranged some of the furniture and took out a few things and I think it looks much more spacious and workable. I try to keep the armoire empty but stuff always creeps into it, but I promise to clean it out for you if you come! And the closet has shelves in it too so you will have places to put your things.

I looked for a new bedding ensemble but decided to keep the one I have as I could not find anything I liked and I have always loved this quilt. And the best part it also allows me to keep the red accessories I do love. There is something about the red that is just so cheery. I really like it with the latte paint. I don't know why it shows up as kinda yellow in it at all! I really didn't have to do much at all to make the room work so much better for guests.

I think every guest room needs a chair and a place to put luggage . So I brought in a chair from the library and our guests can use the upholstered tall organ bench at the foot of the bed to put their suitcase on. The best part is the soaking tub and shower, etc. are right next door.

I am using this small drop leaf table as a night stand. The great thing about it is if our guests need a little extra surface space for their things they can just pull up the leaf and voila!

The only problem with a cottage is it is still a cottage after all you can do. So if you are a young person you will probably be out here camping at the Ritz Coleman with your Grandpa! Of course any adults that would like to try the cots and sleeping bags are welcome. It is still the Ritz Coleman as the bathroom with running water and a hot shower are just feet away. Now if you have to camp, is there any better way?

So come, you all! We are ready for your visit. You know our door is always open to you and we'll keep the light on for ya, just like Motel 6. Oh, and a great private guided tour of the City just for you is included, as well, and the cooking is not bad either!


Marie said...

What a lovely, warm and welcoming room Bonnie! Your taste is impeccable! But then . . . I knew that! xxoo

Julie Harward said...

That is a very lovely it all! Have a wonderful Easter weekend Bonnie! :D

Janet said...

What a beautiful room. It is very warm and inviting for your guests.

Have a Blessed Easter weekend!

Caroline Craven said...

Be careful - you may end up with more than you bargained for, especially if a private tour of the city and home cooking is included. You're going to have to charge more than a hug and a kiss for these accommodations! The room is so inviting. It makes me think that as soon as Regan moves out and we get our guest room back, I will have to rethink the location of the queen bed and kitty-corner it.

laura.elizabeth said...

It looks great Mom! I can't wait to give the new guest room a test drive. I am thinking a long nap one day, sleeping-in until 9 another. June just can't get here soon enough for me!

Sister Susie said...

What a comfortable looking room! I really like the tent! If I were to sleep in one, it would be inside too, ha!

Sara said...

The guest room looks fantastic!!! I may just have to come for a visit!! :)