Saturday, April 16, 2011

City Delights

Jennifer and me having our picture
together for the first time in ages!
She doesn't stand still that often!

The Group @ The Place

Another of my shooting out the window
while Jim drives...shots.
Heading off Treasure Island
the on-ramp to the Bay Bridge!

More Bridge shots!
Check out the size of that cruise ship!
It is immense when compared to the
buildings to the left of it in the foreground
that are the size of airplane hangers!

Shot between the lucky again!


Financial District, so many squares and rectangles!

The Golden Gate Bridge, still the drive by photos.

The Golden Gate Bridge's North Tower

We began our journey in Sausalito on the ferry
and rode over to the Ferry Building.

Bay Bridge from the bough of the ferry boat
We all enjoy this 40 minute ride across the Bay.

Skyline from the Ferry

A few high risers~
We're waiting for the trolley!

Our Urban Jewel riding the trolley to
Hyde Street and Aquatic Park!

Cute Store, Great Sign, True Sentiment...
near Fisherman's Wharf

The tourist traps at Fisherman's Wharf

Ghirardelli Square where the chocolate
made and sold and consumed daily!

We ate our picnic lunch that Grampa made for us here.

Grampa put bird seed in a water bottle for
Chloe to feed the pigeons and seagulls.

Then Grampa took the big girls on the Balcutha!

Sublime moments!
I love cuddling this little girl
with all my heart and soul.
(Yes I know...the roots. Got it done already!)

Jen and I had a little quiet time with Hazie. The problem was that even though it was bright and sunny and in the mid 60s, the wind chill factor off the water made it so000 cold. We just didn't have the right clothes on to be perfectly warm and toasty. Bummer. So Hazie and I snuggled up on this bench with my vest and her coat and tried to stay warm. Jen was doing the same about a fraction of an inch from us. Burrr! So we decided to get up and meander down to the ferry landing to wait for the others.

Bon and her Busker!
Do you know what a Busker is?

A person that performs
on the street for money.

This Busker is a mime and completely
covered in silver paint.

Jen insisted on a photo...

Then we waited for the Blue and Gold
Ferry to take us back to Sausalito.

A nice relaxing trip back so Piper took a little rest.
Grampa had pretty much worn us all out.

The Rescue!

Then much to our surprise a small boat capsized and the ferry tried to rescue the people. A small boat finally came along to pick up the people so they could tow the boat to shore. But before that we circled around and around them until we were almost close enough to bring this freezing and scared dad and daughter on board with us. Grampa was on the top deck facing the other direction and missed the whole thing! But we had bird's eye views and all cheered when they got picked up and were safe. The crew on our ferry was fantastic!

Ice Cream at the end of the trip...
a tradition when we come to Sausalito.

Worn out baby girl!

What a great day Tuesday was. We finally bought Hazie a little owl hat and once she was warm enough she fell asleep and missed the entire boat trip home. But she did wake up for ice cream so that was good!


LA Adams said...

What a fantastic day with such wonderful girls! Your phoography is out of this world. Nice job Bonnie. I've enlarged the Clipper Cove picture - now it would be helpful to frame it and hang it. Bringing seed to feed the birds is really a great idea! Nice day!

Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, it looks like you are all having a fabulous time together! I have enjoyed all the pictures. What a wonderful family time! Poor wee Hazie so tired out from it all! What a little dear! I hope you have a lovely Sunday! xxoo

laura.elizabeth said...

Great, GREAT photos. I love the drive- bys. I think that could be a new art form- drive by photography! And you are very good at it. I LOVE the picture of you and Jen- what fun!! I miss the city and seeing these pictures really makes me want to visit. I hope you are up for another trip or two when we come in June!!