Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jen and Her Little Women

Here they are roaring up the driveway!
They made it safe and sound!
(Yes they have the same
car we do, so do Missy and Chris!
An odd coincidence!)

The girls arrived last night right at dinner time. It was perfectly timed, we had made a big batch of spaghetti and everyone was hungry except sweet, Pipey who was having a touch of the flu. Honestly, no matter what, there is always the unexpected to keep life interesting. Fortunately tonight she is feeling pretty good, so it was short-lived. Apparently Hazie and Chloe had it earlier in the week. Fingers crossed no one else gets it.

Hazie loved sitting in Aunt Laura's high chair.
She also like the bumble bee plates!

After dinner the little girls initiated the use of our new bathtub. They were the first people to actually bathe in it. Neither Jim or I like baths much so we always have used the shower. But the girls made the soaking tub look pretty fun.

It became a family event,
even Molly was in there at one point.

Julia's sparkle toes

This morning we all awakened feeling refreshed and it is a good thing as it has been a long day.

We had a conflict for church today. My beloved teacher's memorial was at 1:00 as is our church time, so we got to go to a different ward this morning. It landed up being just Grampa and me and the Julia and Chloe.

Jen and Hazie stayed home with Piper.
Bring on the artwork!

Just home from church.

Piper feeling better after a shower and a bath.

Chloe Jane prefers being called Jo Jo right now.
I think that is sweet since it was my mom's nickname.

Had a few minutes for a walk this morning
before Jim and I had to leave
for Berkeley for the memorial.

"Jo Jo" brought her bike on the walk!

The memorial was just so inspiring and so tender. Many people ( a lot of faculty and some students from many of his 35 years of teaching at CVHS)) came from my high school days and it was really neat to see how all the teachers had changed. (Of course we students hadn't changed a bit!)

We had a nice reunion with Judi and Joel and my French teacher. She is amazing and must be in her late 70s or early 80s. We had a lovely meal with Judi and Joel and then came home. It was a wonderful nostalgic experience. Charlie Lynch receive a remarkable tribute from many people and was loved by us all. How wonderful would it be to be an influence in so many lives for good. A worthy aspriation of us all, hopefully.

While we were gone the girls just chilled and played in the yard and walked to the park. I got a text from Jen with a photo of Chloe, I mean "Jo Jo" swimming in our pond. I think she is the first kid to swim in it, but Jim seems to remember Christopher doing it. It must have been freezing! But Jo Jo is a Pioneer woman like her mom!

Well, that is it for the first full day of their visit.
It is just great to have them all here!
We hated to leave them for the memorial but
it all worked out and it was good that we went.

It was one of those days when life just felt so rich.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Oh...I'm so happy for you they all made it to your place!! Looks like yall are having a ball. So glad Piper is feeling better and didn't get too sick, and praying that no one else gets it. Well, someone had to Christen that bath tub, couldn't have been a better choice of those to do it either. So cute!!
Got so tickled reading your post about Jim an Dave. Guys are so cute when they do stuff, they have this lil boy qualities about them, and sometimes it seems like the harder and more technical or mechanical they can make something the better. Must have machinery of some kind, forget the easy way!! lol Guess it must be the thrill of the hunt kinda thing. lol
But like you say they get the job that's all that matters, and they have fun doing it,
and give us a few laughs along the way!! All your comments were so cute!
Have a great time with your brood of ladies there, I know you are in your Glory, I'm sure!!
Love ya hon, Nellie

Julie Harward said...

Sounds like a wonderful time together! I have a tub like that, it's my favorite place to be! ;D

Connie said...

Oh so fun! Glad someone finally used that gorgeous tub...not to mention the pond. :) Loves to all of you!

Caroline Craven said...

Have a wonderful time with your grandies and Jen. I bet you have some fun stuff planned. I was crazy busy last week and didn't even have time to check blogs. I loved the painting one and the "fall down 7 times, get up 8" I can relate, as I have been on exercise hiatus this poast month. I think the constant grey skies have had something to do with that. I just couldn't face another day staring at the wall while I did the treadmill thing. I usually try to read something while I'm on there, but that only gives me a headache!!! Thank heavens for ipods.

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie!
What a great time in the middle of a more emotional time.
It's sweet how you mixed it all up to share it with us.
The tub is so pretty, Bon, and so is the pond. Just delightful, and fun to see the kids having such a great time.

Your family is blessed to have you gal! And so are we!!
Have a joyful day!!
Love ya,

Janet said...

What cute pictures. I love the bath tub too. I looks like a good soaking tub.

You take beautiful pictures and I love to come by and see them along with your words.

Have a great day!

Sister Susie said...

What cute pictures! I can't get over how big Hazie is getting from all of the other pictures I have seen of her!

Thank you for sharing your joy!

Love to you all,

LA Adams said...

Shows off your bed and bathroom so well! I fell in love with the picture of Jim and his girls - very nice!

laura.elizabeth said...