Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Night San Francisco!

When the girls came to visit over Easter break, one of the fun things we did was to find this book about San Francisco. Then we used it to find places to visit and take pictures of them there. We felt that that would make it more fun for the kids to remember their trip while reading the book. I just fell in love with this little board book. It is so simple and yet so comprehensive. It includes many of the wonderful sights in The City. And it can be enjoyed by any age.

You can order it online if you are interested in one for your grandkids, kids, or even for yourselves. One went home with the kids and then I ordered one for our guest room. Here are a few pages from it and our corresponding photos.

The Cliff House and Ocean Beach

Chloe and the Sea

Sisters and the Sea

The Golden Gate

Piper resting on the ferry with
The Bridge out the window
in the background.

Historic Ship~The Balcutha

Julia and Piper at the helm of the Balcutha!

The crookedest street in the world!

Piper squinting into the sun while having
her photo taken like the kids in the book.

Driving down it!
Driver: Eyes on the road
Passengers: Enjoying the view
and tickley feeling in their tummies.

Chlo-Jo @ The Giant Windmill near the beach.

Julia @ The Conservatory of Flowers
in Golden Gate Park

The Palace of Fine Arts

Family in the Rotunda

Muir Woods

Hazie with the Baby Bear

Gramma and her Jewel!

Good Night and Good-Bye
Jen, Piper, Julia, Chloe, Hazie and Molly!


This last photo was not taken by us but is so beautiful and I wanted the girls to see what it looks like at night. This little book, Good Night San Francisco has become a new instant treasure and a constant reminder of fun times with our little grandgirls and Jen. I want us to do the same things with all of the other grandkids when they come to visit.

We sure hated to wave good-bye to the family. But the nice thing is, every single time they come it is really a special time. Thanks Jen and Lowell, for making it happen. And thanks for the heartwarming memories!


Marie said...

Bonnie, what a fun post and what a fun book!! I loved seeing the book pictures and then the real thing! What a fabulous time you had with your family! Thanks so much for sharing it with us as well. I really enjoyed it! xxoo