Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~April 13, 2011

So, For Today...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outside my cannot make up its mind today...rain or shine. It is mid-afternoon and I am just getting my first chance to write all week. Jim, Jen and the girls are all our bike riding right now. So a moment of quiet and I am not sure what to do first. I started a blog post about our Day Trip yesterday but don't have all the photos yet off of Jim and Jen's cameras so I decided to do the Daybook first. It is sunny at the moment so I feel like cuddling up with my blankie and dozing off in the sunny spot of this room, but thought I better make good use of this time.

I am thankful for...this fun, crazy, noisy, full of activity~ week with the kids. I am grateful for a calling that allows us to be gone when we have family here. I am grateful the kids arrived safely and pray for their safe return home on the weekend.

I am praying for...extra strength to stay on the Weight Watchers program while the kids are here. It is really hard for me when there is company to stay focused. That devil may care attitude really can sneak up on ya!

From the learning room..The quickest way to fail is giving up!

I am reading...A Promise at Sorbibor. In a word...EXCELLENT! A memoir of an 85 year-old survivor of Sorbibor, one of the secret death camps in Poland during WWII. There is so much to be learned from people who have overcome the unimaginable and learned to love and forgive in spite of it.

From the kitchen...our cup (board) runneth over. We have so many things going on in the kitchen with company Monday night, tonight and Friday night so the family can all see the kids. I forget how much food it takes to feed the tribe! I can barely shut the pantry doors.

I am wondering...if I can ever get back to visiting your blogs. I have every good intention, please don't give up on me. I am thinking of all of you...I'll be there soon!

I am hearing...
nothing. Absolutely nothing! Ahhh!

Today if I could change one would be that time would slow down a little.

I am quoting...Grandmothers are a lot like mothers with a lot more frosting on them." BJ's blog.

I am thinking about...all of you, the family reunion, hating to say good-bye to the kids in a few days, our mission for the church, getting flowers planted soon, going back to the redwoods tomorrow, Jen's birthday next week and getting her some cool presents while she is wonder I have insomnia...the brain won't rest.

I am new jeans, a shirt with a pink and burgundy designs on white, which is totally unusual for me. I am a solid shirt kind of a gal but lately I have been picking up some patterns. A fleecy burgundy/purplish vest and shoes and socks. I already took off my jewelry...the first thing that goes when I come in the house and want to write. I am surprised I still have my shoes on and I am about to remedy that!

I am take a little rest before they all get back.

I am missing...Lowell, who could not come this time due to business trip.

One of my joyous pleasures...cuddling up with the girls and sharing one on one time with them.

Pet Peeves...parking lots that do not have an 8 foot clearance so we can park in them with our roof carrier on the van.

One of my favorite things...having dinner made and frozen for a day just like today when it is too frantic to cook and still enjoy the kids and you want a nice meal. I love it. Pop out the 9x13 pan of Swiss chicken and make a nice salad with lots of fresh veggies and voila! Dinner is served. It is like having money in the bank for a rainy day.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Lark Rise to Candleford...I am in love with that BBC series. Cannot wait between Netflix deliveries.

I am curious about..which one of our electronic devices just started beeping and why. Mystery solved, Piper's alarm clock!

Around the house...a bit of chaos, a lot of love.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Dinner with Aunt Gail tonight, tomorrow Muir Woods and more San Francisco treats, Friday Room With A Past with Maureen and Jen. After that I will take Jen shopping for her birthday and out to lunch. Friday afternoon, Jen is going to the zoo with her friend and her daughter, and then I will get my hair cut and highlighted. Grampa Camp for the kids in the morning. Friday night company for dinner and the girls will meet their second cousins for the first time. They will leave either Saturday or Sunday just depending. Sunday church and start a new regular weekly routine.

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

You just cannot sneak up on a dog!

Why we are getting a new queen sized bed in our guest room. Even though the room is not large, we need a queen bed. Adults are just not comfortable in here on a double bed and this is what happens. Hazie and the Dog sleep here and Poor Jen is relegated to the couch. So before the other kids come this summer...a new bed will be purchased and ready for them.

Hazie and Chloe sans napkins!

Yesterday in Sausalito getting an ice cream cone in spite of the freezing cold late afternoon. What a fun day we had...details coming in the next post.

The Blog with the most important message this Week... was from my friend, Julie, on Womanhood! I wouldn't normally feature the same blog twice in a row but this post was too important to pass by. Read it here!


Marie said...

Loved your day book as always Bonnie. You are having a really busy week, but busy in a quite wonderful way. I am so pleased that you get to spend so much time with your family. What a blessing that must be! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! We'll all be here waiting for you when you are done! Love you loads. xxoo

Janet said...


Is WW for weight watchers? I started 3 weeks ago and have lost 6 pounds so I am doing well. I am feeling realy good about the new points plan.

Sounds like you have alot of things going on. Grands are the best. and I love the dog too.

I am enjoying your BLOG so much.

Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...I see the slight approach of rain clouds. It probably will rain out before it gets here.
THANKFUL...for the LORD's clear leading in my retirement!
PRAYING...for strength to continue 6 more weeks.
LEARNING..."The way to succeed is pushing forward!"
KITCHEN...A new insight of passing some of my time: making and freezing meals for the week! My own frozen meals!
WONDERING...Thank you! I was hoping all is well!
HEARING...When that happens, I hear my ears ringing!
TODAY...That I had more vigor! This time of the year most teachers are tired out, strung out, pooped out, and straining to meet that end of the year goal!
QUOTING... cute the new Verison commercial is with the little girl turning her cool-aide stand into a business! blue gown (night), last week it was my pink one, ha! a friend's house tomorrow for her birthay party! boxer, Reggie; even after 13 years. (He was my dog!)
PLEASURES...eating out (once in a great while!)
PET PEEVES...Amen! At my vet's office, the spaces are for compact cars. So, I park in the middle of two which gives me about 3 foot on either side of my Nissan Titan!
FAVORITE...I shall find out this summer!
Curious...why it's so much more easier to talk than listen!
AROUND...gotta get busy dusting and getting ready for the bug inspection time of the year!
PLANS...(next week) to start on-line state testing with the kindergartners, getting DRAs completed, Unit tests finished, data collected for grade level meeting........
Hugs and love to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
So happy to hear you are all having such a great time, course, I knew you would, and I am sure you are in your glory!! lol
Loved all your pics from the Bay area, looked like a wonderful time to me, and a lil excitement as well, so glad they were able to rescue that father and daughter, wow, bet that was scary!! Neat to be a part of a rescue team huh!!
Have missed you but knew why!! No Fear, we want forget you cause we love you dear!!
Blessings for a safe trip home for Jen and the girls and a peaceful week of recovery for you and Jim.
Love ya, Nellie