Monday, April 18, 2011

The Little Critters

One of the things we like to do when we go on our day trips is find fun places that don't cost an arm and a leg to take the kids when they come out to visit. Imagine how much it would cost to get 3 or 4 adults in some place and four kids. Our exploration could be limited. So when we found the Randall Children's Museum a few months ago we were happy.

Since then Jim has been back with my brother Steve and his grandson, Sebastian, and we also took our grandies there last week.

Steve and SeaBass as we call him!

There was something there for all the kids. Piper and Julia enjoyed looking at the inner workings of a real beehive behind glass and playing with an earthquake simulator they have at the museum. The little girls particularly enjoyed the animals.

Another thing that makes this a great place is it is small enough that it does not take all day to see it. A 45 minute visit is sufficient and enjoyable for the kids before their attention span lapses.

The Ravens

You can't see the caged critter very well
but the one peering in is pretty darn cute!

Here's the bunny that held her fascination!

The star fish from a few months ago!

This time they had broken the huddle but are still there.

Who says squirrels aren't smart?
If you had a tail like that you'd use it for a blanket too!

This guy was a little unnerving
roosting on a shelf just above our heads.
So glad he was tethered
he did not look too friendly!

Hazie telling the guinea pigs
something important I'm sure!

This one was loose too and looking right
down at Hazie and following
her every move from his perch!

Some California Poppies to brighten our day.
Did you know it is against the law to pick them?

And of course the beautiful views
atop the mountain are lovely!


Marie said...

What a wonderful time you have had with your family Bonnie!! Well worth every pound I'd say and more!! I just love seeing what you did together on here. It makes me smile. Love you loads dear friend. xxoo

laura.elizabeth said...

That looks like a great place and you certainly can't beat the admission price. How cool is that! Love Hazie- she is cute as can be!!

Sister Susie said...

I'm like a child when I can be around animals! I love animals so much! Did you notice the heart shape around the owl's face? I can see why they would have the one bird tethered; look at its talons!
Thank you for sharing your pictures!
Love to you all,